72 Hoorain Movie Review and Rating

  • July 7, 2023 / 12:41 PM IST

Cast & Crew

  • Aamir Bashir (Hero)
  • Saru Maini (Heroine)
  • Pawan Malhotra ,Rasheed Naz , Ashok Pathak Namrata Dixit , Mukesh Agrohari , Bhavani Bashir Yasir (Cast)
  • Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan (Director)
  • Gulab Singh Tanwar (Producer)
  • Sanchit Balhara and Vishnu Shankar (Music)
  • Chirantan Das (Cinematography)

It focuses on two terrorists who are told that if they give their lives for the “cause,” they will be rewarded with 72 beautiful virgins in heaven, or bahattar hoorain. It is a grim comedy that explores the true costs of violent extremism and calls for the respect and dignity of every human life.

Story: 72 Hoorain explores the deception and brainwashing techniques used by terrorist organisations to enlist defenceless Muslim youth in suicide attacks in the name of jihad. The movie investigates the allure of a promised reward in the afterlife, notably the representation of “72 virgins in heaven,” as a tool to persuade people to commit acts of violence. The movie draws influence from the Quranic notion of Hoor. The movie shows the negative aspects of religious terrorism and how it affects both the offenders and their families by looking at the effects of violent extremism.

Performances: The performances by actors Pavan Malhotra as Hakim Ali and Aamir Bashir as Bilal Ahmed are outstanding. Speaking of Pavan, he steals the show with his acting skills, command of the English language, and naturalistic facial expressions. He has little trouble expressing Hakim’s misery and predicament as his beliefs crumble.

Aamir Bashir was able to convey the frustration that his character is shown experiencing while looking for paradise while portraying his character with ease. His friendship with Pavan Malhotra is undoubtedly one of the film’s excellent points.

Technicalities: Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan had an interesting topic to work with, but the result isn’t nearly compelling enough. When a terrorism-themed film fails to inspire any sobering feelings, you can tell something is amiss.
The team’s decision to make 72 Hoorain a black-and-white movie and the shoddy cinematography do not help the cause.

Analysis: Beginning with the chilling scenes of the terrible terrorist attack’s aftermath, “72 Hoorain” hits audiences hard. With their nearly flawless portrayals of their characters, the major actors Pavan Malhotra and Aamir Bashir carry the movie on their shoulders. Even though Pavan Malhotra and Aamir Bashir’s performances in “72 Hoorain” are the movie’s highlights, the supporting players are little more than caricatures. Unintentionally hilarious speech delivery and clichéd Marathi and Bihari accents make it difficult to concentrate on the film’s delicate theme. The film’s supporting cast doesn’t improve it in any way; instead, they come out like mimics.

Verdict : While 72 Hoorain makes an effort to portray the delicate subject of “terrorism” and its exploitation with effect, its editing and loud background score give the impression that it is merely a street play or theatrical performance. However, the film does not hold back from showing the horrific effects of terrorism on the populace, making some of the scenes hard for the viewer to watch. The second half of the movie is disjointed and wastes the effective first half and the strong performances. At its best, “72 Hoorain” is superior to ordinary.

Rating: 2/5


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