Exhibitors in AP decide to reopen theaters from Diwali

It is very well known that the Central government has given permission to reopen the theaters from October 15th. However, it is not so sure whether this is going to happen or not due to several logistical issues and COVID measures. East Godavari Film Distributors & Exhibitors Association has today arranged a meeting in Kakinada Lakshmi Theater and has decided against reopening the theaters from October 15th. Instead, they have decided to start the theaters again from November 9th, Diwali.

Speaking to the media they have thanked the central government to finally allow them to reopen the theaters. “After talking with producers and considering a few technical problems we have decided to reopen the theaters from Diwali,” said the association. Now, we have to wait and see how the audience will takeup going back to theaters.

There is no clarity on the movies that are going to release first.

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