2022 to bring back summer for Tollywood?

A lot of films were scheduled to release for the summer of 2021, and things seemed to be going fine, until the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic hit the country, on an unprecedented note. As a result, all of those films were postponed, some of which haven’t been released till now.

Now, with the number of coronavirus cases increasing in the country during the beginning of the year, all the films that have been scheduled to release in the months of January and February, have been pushed to later dates. Most of these films, especially the big ones, are looking at a Summer release date, which is one of the biggest seasons for the film industry in the country.

The only two years that hadn’t witnessed any summer releases were 2020 and 2021, whose Summers passed by in lockdowns. As a result, everyone is hopeful that 2022 would finally be able to bring back the summer season for Tollywood, and for the other film industries in the country.

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