Touch Chesi Chudu

Audience and Telugu Cinema seem to be completely out of sync sometimes. No matter how far they might have come, no matter how many times they reject such lazy attempts, they end up again getting films that make them feel like taken for a ride. This week too they can happily and frustratingly feel the same.

Plot : In a city, where the crimesters are very strong and police are weak, Karthikeya (Ravi Teja) enters as a fearless cop and he even threatens Home Minister, as part of his duty. He doesn’t care for his life or his family too. Frustrated with him, even his fiance (Seerat Kapoor) cancels their marriage. He goes after a political leader, Irfan (Freddy Daruwala) and police department makes him believe that Irfan is dead and suspends him.

He shifts to Pondicherry with family and completely changes his attitude towards life. He meets Pushpa (Raashi Khanna) on his family’s insistence. But the alliance keeps failing. Why did Irfan needed to be announced dead? What is the reason, Pushpa and Karthikeya are unable to go forward with the alliance? Watch movie for answers..

Performances : Ravi Teja is one of the highly likeable energetic actors of Telugu Cinema. He has been doing similar kind of films and characters from a long time. This time too he does the same and we cannot really find faults or appreciate his performance here. It is as routine as Sun, Moon and Earth.

Raashi Khanna has improved a lot in her looks and also improved in acting skills as well. Seerat Kapoor just appears in this movie as a prop rather than a character. All other performers including Murali Sharma, Vennela Kishore, Suhasini did not get any kind of a good stuff to talk about.

Technicalities : Editor, Gautham Raju tried her best to make a movie out of the footage the team has dumped on his editing table. He did a good job in the first hour but even he had to give up his attempts in the second hour.

Cinematographers Chota K. Naidu and Richard Prasad gave their best possible efforts to the film. They tried to give some sense with photography to the proceedings but the script is completely so dumb that we cannot expect them to completely negate that.

Music by Jam8 seems like a rehash from Pritam old tunes and the background score by Mani Sharma is a big let down too. None of the songs make sense in the screenplay and they don’t really have such steam to carry the movie forward.

Director, Vikram Sirikonda seems to be highly clueless about how to go forward with the action sequences and how to build up tension. He overdoes the simple things so much and forgets basics too. Without giving much respect to the characters and audience intelligence, he dumbs it down so much that even a four year old kid can write more cohesive screenplay than this.

Analysis : When you have a likeable and energetic mass hero, you need to give him a good character and also a likeable premise to everything. His basic premise and screenplay doesn’t make any sense at all. A masala entertainer is not that easy to make like many think and this is one of those failed lazy attempts.

Rating : 2/5

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