Radhika Apte shares a spine-chilling Harassment story

#MeToo moment has brought in a huge number of stories to light that we would have never known about how women are exploited in the Film Industry. Radhika Apte always has been a vocal supporter of women rights and open discussion on topics that many like to keep them in shadows. She in a talk show hosted by Neha Dhupia shared a shocking experience with a South director.

She said, “A popular South director asked me to appear for a quick audition at Mumbai when I just returned from London after shooting. He came with 12 people along with a tailor. The hotel was murky and dirty. He gave me a short coat and asked me to wear it.

Then people started clicking photos asking me to give some weird poses and he said that he will take my audition in different styles and poses with a smirk that gave bad feelings. Still I continued with the charade hoping for it to end soon. He asked to dance in some steps that are more sexual. I couldn’t understand what is the significance of all this for a movie that is said to be a folklore.

It had Vikram as hero but it never went on to sets. I said to the director that I can’t stay any longer in the hotel and has a shooting early in the morning and escaped from there. Thankfully, the movie never went onto sets,” concluded the actress.