Paper Boy

Right from Anarkali to Romeo to Majnu to Ranjha many suffered in love because of the differences in financial status and also, the people around them trying to decide their fate. Paper Boy right from the trailer gave us the indication that it is trying to present similar kind of a story in this film.

The problem in such films is that they can present a clichéd story in even clichéd manner. So, does this movie too suffers from similar kind of issues or does it present a pleasant fresh love story? Let’s discuss.

Plot : On her engagement day, Megha (Tanya Hope) finds out that she is suffering from a rare condition and can die at any stage. She cheers up her family and then, thinks about her purpose in the life. She asks Lord Hanuman to guide her in finding the purpose. She finds an interesting diary and that leads her to know about Ravi (Santhosh Shoban).

Ravi is a Paper Boy and he falls for Dharani (Riya Suman) who thinks similar to him as a bookworm. They have similar tastes and ideals. So, they fall in love. What happened in their love story? Is bringing them together Megha’s purpose?

Performances : Santhosh Sobhan is good and has eased in his dialogue delivery, body language. But the actor has a problem in imitating Mahesh Babu and Ravi Teja. If he can try to find himself an actor it would be better.

Riya Suman looks good but she has to improve on her acting skills. In the movie, she got a very good character but she did not live upto the expectations. Tanya Hope’s performance is not on par with her previous better one’s. Also, she did not have a good character. All others are not that impressive.

Technicalities : S Soundar Rajan’s visuals are good and the major highlight of the movie is his work. He presented the visuals with the best possible quality for the budget of the film.

Thammiraju’s editing for the film is the weakest in his career and he fails to give a smooth transition from scene to scene. Also, he used some harsh cuts that make us feel scenes are coming and going abruptly without any flow or connection.

Bheems, Suresh Bobbili gave music and BGM for the movie, respectively. The score is impressive and two songs are good to hear.

Sampath Nandi, the writer of the film failed to understand the real connection for a love story. He tried to use the same old formula in storytelling and clichés that people have outgrown many years ago, make his story feel too old. He concentrated more on dialogues than a better screenplay and fresh scenes.

V Jayashankar looks to have knowledge in presenting a scene but he failed in creating an environment for his story that makes it highly believable and relatable. The clichéd storytelling harms the movie and he couldn’t any magical chemistry between the leads to connect us to the story impactfully.

Analysis : The movie starts off with a relatively secondary plot to which the story writer doesn’t want you to connect. At such time, if you are asked to emotional invest in a character that is not much important, it should be designed cleverly like the writers of Veer Zaara, Kal Ho Naa Ho and Jab Tak Hain Jaan did.

Hence, we end up feeling like watching a poor remake of other movies than a new movie. Had the scriptwriter decided to concentrate on writing fresh scenes, movie would have been better.

Rating : 1.5/5

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