Is Sunil unhappy with his career progress?

In Telugu Film Industry, it is highly normal and regular, that actors go through different phases. They may become the most sought after actors at one moment and the most ignored in the next. Success can make or break a person’s career and lack of it can frustrate someone to no end. Sunil, seems to be the latest to go through such frustration in his career. After rising to the top as a comedian, the actor never saw such a slump, as he is experiencing now.

His last two films became huge disasters and this made him to re-think about his plans to continue as a lead actor. He started accepting comedian roles and in one or the other upcoming biggies, later this year, he is expected to make that transistion. But before that he had to face an embarrassment as he got replaced from a film, that he is chosen as the lead with another actor and the actor did not like it. Reportedly, he threatened the debutant director to stop shooting until he gets an answer.

Few media reports suggested that the actor is supposed to work as the lead in the remake of Tamil film, Sethuranga Vettai. But as the producers felt, the movie might not get good openings with Sunil in the lead, they roped in Satya Dev, as the lead. Sunil allegedly, called director, Ganesh Gopi and asked him to leave the project and answer him, how did they start shooting after confirming him as the hero? The director simply replied that he is ready to stop the movie if producers ask him to. Well, the producers are continuing to shoot the film despite Sunil’s anger and 40% of the shoot is finished in Vizag area, it seems.