C/o Surya

Did you ever felt the need to fight against a powerful goon? Did you ever let your guard down because you know you have someone who will take care of you no matter what? Two different emotions can co-exist in a story with great connection. How? Let’s see ..

Plot : Surya (Sandeep Kishan) values his friend Mahesh (Vikranth) more than anyone. He trusts him highly and his sister Anuradha who is a medico is in love with Mahesh. One day Mahesh is set up to be killed in a plot written by a goon, Sambasivudu (Harish Uttaman) who uses his brain to plot murders. Why Samba wants to kill Mahesh? How Surya saved Mahesh? Is there any twist in the plot? Watch the movie on screen to know answers …

Performances : Sandeep Kishan is good in his role but he doesn’t have much to offer and we wonder if he tried this movie to just find a hit rather than seriously believing in it. At times, he doesn’t look really convinced in few scenes but being a good actor he manages well.

Vikranth doesn’t act well in the meaty role given to him. He just makes sure that he delivers the line and that approach works against few scenes. Harish Uttaman and others give their best to the characters. Mehreen Prizada is just there for songs in first hour.

Technicalities : Cinematographer Laxman Kumar tried hard to create a tone for the film. He impressed in most parts but the fatigue of being in a Susheenthran world works against his work.

Music by D.Imman is routine as there is not much emotion in the story for him to give a good score. But his background score is apt for the movie. It too gets repetitive and boring after a point.

Kasi Vishwanathan needed to look at the parts that did not fit in with the narrative and trim them down to make a racy film. His work in second hour adds to the suspense of the film.

Susheenthran tries to rehash his same old success formula of a common man trying to save his loved ones. This has become quite common in his movies and the fatigue has replaced novelty for any person who follows his movies. Even for common audience this is a test of patience for the first hour and predictable yet watchable in the second. He fails in creating good conflict between the main antagonist and protagonist.

Analysis : Film has a great deal of scenes that appear right out of other films of the director. That harms the effectiveness of the whole story and we end up feeling bored rather than intrigued by the climax. Could be a good TV movie than a theatrical experience.

Rating : 2/5

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