Films are two types, good ones and bad ones. In good ones there are many types but in bad ones, there is only one category, that is being bad and slipping into worse. But few bad films cross the bad hurdle and win the championship in being worst. Are we talking about such film?

Plot : A Criminal Lawyer (Jagapathi Babu) is so powerful and ferocious that he doesn’t fear anyone and he lives his life on such principles. He gets an open and shut case, involving a famous director (Nara Rohit). The motive behind the murder is unknown and the investigation leads to some new information every time. What happens in the end? Watch the movie for answers …

Performances : Nara Rohit seems to have fixed expressions when it comes to acting. He has expression 5 to show anger and expression 3 to laugh and expression 6 when he has to romance. Rest all expressions consists of plain and stoic face without any clue looking at the camera.

Jagapagthi Babu is just wasting his popularity once again by being part of films that don’t really fit to his stature. He is a better actor than what these films make him to be and in a character that has no depth he is wasted.

All others win prizes in irritating us.

Technicalities : Vijay C Kumar, tried to give us some visual experience. But the thing is he forgot to light up the set, put camera at right places and also get a good colorist. Hence, we couldn’t appreciate his work.

Marthand K Venkatesh seems to have asked his first assistant’s second assistant to edit the film and hence, the cut lacks any flow.

Sai Kartheek is from that school where they teach music directors to be loud for commercial films, louder for action films and loudest for thrillers. He gets a good clap and pat on back from his professors for being his annoying best.

Paruchuri Murali gained good marks as a director for Nee Sneham but if that younger Murali looks at this film, would definitely eat a gem to not go to coma to see himself end up like this. He doesn’t start a scene or even end it well. The flow that a thriller requires is completely missing in this film.

Analysis : As filmmakers get old they tend to look for inspirations from younger generation filmmakers. The basic problem with that is that if a novice scores a hit with his own technique that doesn’t mean that an expert should do all the mistakes a novice commits. An expert professional is expected to better on that and make even well-rounded film. Unfortunately, they think the trend has changed and by the time, profesional realises that he even couldn’t get basics right, people will ask them to retire. Sadly, this seems to be a film from such professional team. May be they need Gems to re-energise.

Rating : 1/5

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