Zombie Reddy Movie Review

Critically acclaimed director Prashant Varma came up with yet another interesting drama Zombie Reddy, a film on Zombies that was least explored in Tollywood. Zombie Reddy created interest with the promos. The movie got released today amid decent buzz. Let us check out the review.

Plot : To fix the gaming software Mario (Teja Sajja) wanted to meet his good friend (Rj Hemanth) who also is getting married. At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announces the lockdown. Mario heads to his friend’s village which is a small village in Kurnool. On the way, Mario’s friend gets bitten by a guy.

After reaching Kurnool, Mario finds out that there is something wrong with the village. People start behaving strangely and they turn out to be zombies. The chain keeps increasing. How Mario comes out of the situation along with his friends is to be seen on the large screen.

Performances : This is Teja Sajja’s debut film as the male lead but he doesn’t show any signs of that. He is quite confident. He carries out different emotions quite good and Teja Sajja has done well in the action part too. Heroine Aanandhi gets a very good role and she performed with ease. Daksha Nagarkar has done a decent job as well but her role is limited. Getup Srinu is the main highlight of the movie. His comedy in the second half is excellent. RJ Hemanth has got the lengthy role as well. The rest of the cast has done their parts well.


Second half



Interval block


First half


Technicalities : Zombie Reddy has strong technical backup. The background music work by Mark K Robin is excellent. His work has worked well in elevating the scenes. The dialogues are apt and the screenplay is racy in the second half. Editing work is crisp but one might feel that there is a rush in the things from pre-interval. The story is quite simple. The production values are sufficient.

Director Prashant Varma has done a neat job. However, he should have concentrated more in the first half. Overall, his work gets thumbs up from the audience. His direction is to the point in the second half.

Analysis : Zombie Reddy is a time pass entertaining flick. There is no doubt about that. The first hour plays the spoilsport but once the zombie concept enters, it is all racy stuff. Decent performances, good thrills, entertainment in the second half, racy stuff works in favor of the film.

Bottom line : Zombie Reddy is a decent one time watch if watched with no expectations.

Rating: 2/5 

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