Why Vijayendra Prasad for Brahmastra?

Vijayendra Prasad is a well-known writer in the Indian film industry, who has been working in the field for several decades now. While he has delivered some of his biggest hits with his son SS Rajamouli, has also delivered huge hits in Bollywood, having written scripts like Bajrangi Bhaijan and others.

It has now come to light that the director had also rewritten some scenes for the upcoming Bollywood epic Brahmastra, written and directed by Ayan Mukherji. This has been confirmed by the film’s lead Ranbir Kapoor himself, who said that reshoots took place according to the scenes that Vijayendra Prasad wrote.

It is interesting that Vijayendra Prasad was asked to rewrite some scenes for the film, which the entire team has been expressing huge confidence in. The film is even being promoted as the biggest hope for Bollywood, as the industry has been failing to deliver a concrete hit. On the other hand, Brahmastra is being presented by Rajamouli in Telugu, with the film all set to be released on September 9th.