What’s the use of theatrical releases?

The point in discussing the superiority of theatrical experience over watching something on OTT is completely pointless, as a theatrical experience trumps any other experience any day, no matter what sort of film you might be watching. However, this is something that audiences are currently willing to let go of, more so due to the insane ticket prices, than any other reason.

The scare of the coronavirus pandemic has come down a lot, and audiences have been very willing to go to the theater for the past few months. This was evidenced by the way RRR, KGF 2, and even Akhanda performed in theatres. With increased ticket prices though, even the audiences are staying away from theatres, with situations going so out of control that the filmmakers are releasing their films on OTT within a month even.

If that’s the case, then it’s a wonder why they had to opt for a theatrical release in the first place, instead of opting to release their film on OTT from the very beginning. It has become more than clear that the audiences are not willing to pay a fortune to be entertained, and yet, filmmakers don’t seem to have learnt their lesson, straining the performance of their own films.