Tollywood left with a serious dearth

The Telugu film industry is growing leaps every day, with its unique films and world-class production values. Audiences around the world are captivated by the content being produced in the industry but despite all the glory coming towards the industry, a serious dearth has been left behind.

While Tollywood continues to explore various genres, with actors being more willing to do experiments than before, thanks to the immense talent that the industry has right now, there’s a severe dearth of content that appeals to family audiences. Until the early to mid-2000s, Tollywood prided itself on family-based content, with incredible films. However, in recent years, that’s one genre that’s been left unexplored completely.

With the current society having changed drastically from the one that used to exist at the time of family content that was made back in the day, there are a wide variety of concepts that can be tackled with. Despite that, there’s not been a single attempt made in recent times, with the exception of F2 and F3. Here’s hoping that more family-based movies would be produced here on in Tollywood.

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