The world of Anjanadri: Prashant Varma raising expectations

From his very first film, director Prashant Varma has established himself as a unique director, by tackling a subject like Awe, which is a very complicated one but managing to showcase it in a very interesting manner. The director recently impressed everyone with Zombie Reddy, which is a first of its kind film in Tollywood.

Now, Prashant is trying yet another different thing in Tollywood, by creating a cinematic universe, called the world of Anjanadri. The first film of this universe is Hanumanthu, which is being played by Teja Sajja, who previously worked with Prashant in Zombie Reddy. The first look of the film was released today and has raised the expectations with its simple poster.

Teja can be seen catching a catapult in his hand, clearly portraying that he’s a master when it comes to taking a hit at someone. While audiences expected a different kind of look, Prashant subverted expectations in a very positive manner, with the poster that has been released, thus raising the expectations of audiences on the film and on the world of Anjanadri.

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