The ‘Transformers’ of Telugu Cinema

No, no, we are not trying to say who could be Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee or others from Telugu Cinema, to fit into the Transformers franchise. May be some other day, if we can seriously think about it, we may list that out. But for now, we are focusing on real transformers who are working hard to shed kilos in the gym to look in a certain shape and size, for their films. Yes, the actors, the ‘shape shifters’, if we may call them so.

Jr. NTRJr NtrIt needs oddles of patience and hardwork to attain a body desirable. For Tarak who has been on heavier side, since his first film, had to work hard when he went to the maximum by the time of his film, Rakhi release. He shed major amount for his next and now, after almost a decade, he once again hit the gym, not to look fit but to make a six pack as per the sources. Bravo!

NayantaranayanataraActress Nayantara when debuted was a chubby beauty and many thought she will remain chubby for years to come and quickly pick TV serials as her work outlet. But she just changed that notion for Billa, where she had to wear a Bikini. From then on, she is an actress and a glam doll too.

VenkateshvenkateshVenkatesh at the age of 54 had to hit the gym double hard to make his body look like a boxer coach who is still in shape. He had to work for 9 months, but he got the desired look in Guru and from then on, he is maintaining it.

Ram Charan TejRam CharanRam Charan Tej, the actor is known for his look transformations. He doesn’t want to look similar in every movie. He changed from slim muscled yohng dude to bulky muscled and chiseled man for his Dhruva and immediately changed that look for Rangasthalam to not look too heavy muscular.

Allu ArjunAllu ArjunAllu Arjun changed his look for the first time for Deshamuduru. He is the first Telugu hero to transform his body to a six-pack shape in Telugu Cinema. Later, for Sarrainodu, he became even more muscular for the character.

SunilsunilSunil entered the TFI as a comedian and being true to it, he had a good solid family pack. He transformed that look and got six pack abs to become a lead actor who can fight goons on screen.

Manchu VishnuManchu VishnuManchu Vishnu like Tarak had a problem with his chubby body initially. He became to heavy by the time of Dhee and decided to go for it and slimmed down. Now, he maintains a muscular look in the films.