Tamil Nadu Government gives orders for 100% occupancy

Due to the COVID situation, theaters all over the country have been shut down for over 9 months. Recently, the central government has given permission to reopen theaters with 50 percent occupancy. Theaters in Two Telugu States has reopened from Christmas with 50 percent occupancy.

A couple of movies have released so far. However, the producers, distributors, and exhibitors are worried that they might face losses with the current rule. In this wake, the Tamil Nadu government has given permission for theaters to function with 100 percent occupancy.

This will come as a blessing for Tamil films. Ilaiyathalapathy Vijay’s latest movie Master is hitting the screens on January 13th and it is a key move for the film’s revenue. With Tamil Nadu’s government decision we have to wait and see whether the Telugu States take this route as well.

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