The Great Indian Family Movie Review & Rating

  • September 22, 2023 / 07:13 PM IST

Cast & Crew

  • Vicky Kaushal (Hero)
  • Manushi Chhillar (Heroine)
  • Manoj Pahwa , Yashpal Sharma , Sadiya Siddiqui (Cast)
  • Vijay Krishna Acharya (Director)
  • Aditya Chopra (Producer)
  • Pritam (Music)
  • Ayananka Bose (Cinematography)

The film ‘The Great Indian Family’ made under the Yash Raj banner has been released today. There was a lot of buzz about this film too, so let us know how the film is!

Story: The story of the film is about Bhajan Kumar (Vicky Kaushal), an ancestral Pandit family of Balrampur. This family gets the work of worship and bhajan-kirtan done in the city. Being a singer of Bhajan Kumar, he is much talked about among the people of the city. According to his age, he is also very cheerful and keeps roaming here and there with friends throughout the day. A tremendous turn comes in his life when his family receives an anonymous letter, in which it is written that Bhajan Kumar is not a Brahmin but a Muslim, and his name is Badshah Khan. After this, the attitude of society and especially the family completely changes towards Bhajan Kumar. Now what happens next in the story? What problems does Bhajan Kumar have to face? To know all this you will have to go to the theater and watch the movie!

Performance: Talking about acting in the film, every actor acted brilliantly. Vicky Kaushal has lived up to the role with his acting as Bhajan Kumar. Manushi Chhillar has also acted well, although she could not leave her mark in her first film. Like every time, Kumud Mishra is adding charm to the film. The rest of the actors have also acted well.

Technicalities: Vijay Krishna Acharya has taken charge of the direction of this film, Vijay has already shown his talent. This time also Vijay has done a good job. Vijay kept the film absolutely perfect, although there is a slight lack in the script of the film due to which the second half does not seem packed.

Analysis: The first part of the film is very entertaining, but after the interval, the film becomes very communal. Just as the first part of the film is comic, the second part of the film confuses you. The sudden involvement of Bhajan Kumar’s character in religion will bother you a bit because there is something missing in the script.

Due to the weak script of the film, Vijay could not convey the subject effectively. The climax of the film also does not look strong. Although the duration of the film is short, due to the film does not seem boring.

Talking about the second major flaw of the film, the music of the film becomes very weak. After leaving the theatre, you will have to strain your brain to remember the song of the film.

Verdict: Overall, the film is weak due to the script and music, the actors have acted well. Now it will be interesting to see how this film performs among Shahrukh Khan’s Jawan in theatres!

Rating: 2/5


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