Talk: Censor reviews not trustworthy anymore

Since any movie is first screened to the Censor board before it can come out, according to the general rule, everyone usually looks forward to Censor reviews. Several big movies released in the last couple of months, and there have been early censor reports on the same as well. The general consensus for these films from the censor board has been positive.

While it could be said that the censor board wouldn’t put itself in a tricky position by giving out a negative review, the catch here is that the reports have been overwhelmingly positive, even for those films which tanked at the box office, like Radhe Shyam, and most recently, Acharya.

Today, Superstar Mahesh Babu’s Sarkaru Vaari Paata has gone to the censor board for its certification, and the certification is expected to be out soon, along with the first review of the film. While everyone is waiting for this first review, it is safe to say that no one is currently in the mood to believe it. SVP is directed by Parasuram and is all set to be released on May 12th.