Nandu has been promoting the film Savaari on a very aggressive note from the past few days. The film needs to click at any cost and now that it has released, read on to see our review about it.

Story: Raju played by Nandu is a horse boy who takes it to all sorts of weddings and makes money out of it. But his life becomes miserable when his horse known as Badshah is diagnosed with a deadly disease. Raju needs big money to cure his horse which goes missing at the same time. The crux of the story is as to how Raju saves Badshah’s life.

Performances: Nandu has given his life and soul for this film and this is evident on screen. He has shown his mass avatar well and his innocent act which is new to the audience is also tapped well. Nandu carries the film through his role and has done tremendously well till the climax.

Priyanka is also a good find as she has good acting skills and did well in her limited role. But the man who walks away with the cake is the main villain Srikanth. He is very good as the baddie and does well with his improvisations.

Love Scenes
Comedy scenes

Logical errors
Excess of romance

Analysis: The film has a very good concept and it reminds you of the old school charm. The first half of the film is also started well and has a good romantic track which brings good laughs as well. The lead pair’s chemistry is also nice and once the film enters the main topic, it slows down a bit.

But Nandu keeps the film going with his superlative performances. The drama is realistic and is near to the story of ones in the masses. The film has a good story but the good narration would have made things even better. But that does not stop you from neglecting this film as it has earthy emotions that will push all the negatives aside and make this film worth a watch.

Rating : 2.75/5

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