Sankranthi releases in a dilemma

While there has been a certainty over when film shootings would come to an end, there’s no clarity over when they will resume. All the producers of the Telugu film industry decided that shootings should be paused no matter what, and they should all convene to assess the current situation and try to make sense of it, as no film is performing well at the box office.

A number of films have been released since April, which was when the theatres were singing with back to back audiences, who were willing to go to the theatre to watch KGF 2. Prior to that, it was RRR that kept the audience coming to the theatres. Since then, there hasn’t been a single film that has been able to captive the audience. Whil there has been no dearth of big films, they couldn’t keep the audience entertained. Moreover, the increase in ticket prices didn’t make things any better.

With all films now coming to a stop, and no clarity over when shootings would resume, it is being said that all the films that are currently still shooting and are eyeing a late 2022 release or a Sankranthi release are in a dilemma, unsure of whether or not they would be able to make it as per schedule.

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