Salaar vs Dunki: What Are the Problems in This Clash?

  • September 27, 2023 / 10:30 AM IST

The highly anticipated movie, Salaar, starring Prabhas, has finally announced its release date for December 22, 2023. This announcement has sent ripples of excitement through fans and exhibitors nationwide. However, there’s a twist in this tale, as Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood Baadshah, is set to release his much-awaited film, Dunki, on the same day, directed by the blockbuster director Rajkumar Hirani.

The decision to release Salaar on December 22 is strategic, aiming to capitalize on the Christmas and New Year holiday season. But this clash with Dunki, a potential long-distance runner in terms of content, poses challenges, particularly in the Hindi-speaking regions and overseas markets. While Salaar appears to be a front-loaded blockbuster, Dunki’s strength lies in its enduring content.

In a typical scenario, Salaar would command 5,000 screens, but due to the clash, it might lose a significant portion. Shah Rukh Khan’s film, with the backing of a prominent distribution house, is expected to make a strong impact. Hollywood’s Aquaman is also set to release around the same time, further adding to the competition.

Salaar is a crucial film for Prabhas, as his recent releases have often faded after the initial hype. To survive this clash with an SRK-Raju Hirani film, Salaar’s content must shine. While the December 22 release date has its advantages, it might limit the film’s box office potential, prompting the makers to consider an alternative date for a more extended, uncontested run.

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