Ranarangam is a gangster drama which we all were waiting for eagerly as the film is directed by the talented Sudheer Varma. The film is out in the open and has made its way to the cinema halls today. Read on to see how the film turns out to be.

Story : The film is loosely based on Godfather and Sharwa plays the lead called Deva. He is a small-time black ticket selling guy who sees that illegal liquor business is a way to go in life. But as in every film, he too needs to face some dreaded criminals to come on the top. He and his gang try hard and come to the top at the price of a family member’s sacrifice in the film. Who is that member and what is the sacrifice they have done? and how does Sharwa pays it back to the bad guys is the crux of the story?

Performances : Sharwa never disappoints in his films and he does the same in this film as well. He as Deva has killer looks and does his role to the T. The way he carries the mature look is good and he, doing the role of a gangster is like a cakewalk for him.

Kalyani Priyadarshan is the best of the lot as she has been shown beautifully by Sudheer Varma. The romantic episodes in the film need a special mention as they have been shot aesthetically well and Kalyani looks like a dream in them.

Kajal does not have much to do but shows her screen presence with aplomb. Murali Sharma is very good in his husky voice-based role as the MLA. Sharwanand is nicely supported by fellow actors Aadarsh Balakrishna and Raja. Manohar was good with his comedy.


Stylish Taking
Crime scenes


Slow Pace
Not many twists


Sudheer Varma has this fascination with crime dramas from his first film and now he has done the same with Ranarangam too. He uses the time period of 90’s when liquor was banned in AP and sets the film there nicely.

Sharwa and his reach to the hilt are established well by the director. In all this, Sudheer Varma also proves that he can handle love stories well as the romance in the film is very good but it does not last in the second half. The interval block where Sharwa is stabbed inside a lift is shot well.

Scenes like these are plenty in the film. But the pace in the second half drops a bit and this sidetracks the film a bit. There is no strong enemy for Sharwa but the twist that is brought in the team itself is brought well and timely.

The film is all style and Sharwa handles it with ease. The film is genre-specific but will be liked because of the serious and gritty attitude it carries.

Rating: 3/5

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