Radhe Shyam hitting all the right notes

Prabhas’s upcoming film, Radhe Shyam, has been one of the most highly anticipated films of India in the last two years. The trailers and songs that have been released from the film so far, have only managed to increase the expectations on the film, which is all set to release on March 11th.

The making video of Radhe Shyam was released today, where it can be seen how much hard work went into making the movie, and into recreating Italy in the 1970s. The trouble that the team faced due to the coronavirus pandemic, and what came out of it, is also showcased in the video. While the trailer of Radhe Shyam, which was released ahead of its earlier release date, in January, gave the audience a very tiny glimpse into the world of the film, the release trailer of the film, which was released recently, showed to the audience a new angle from the film.

Radhe Shyam is touted to be an epic romantic saga, and the release trailer of the film is proof that the film is so much more, dealing with a lot of concepts, and containing a lot of layers within it. On the whole, the movie seems to be hitting all the right notes.

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