Prema Vimanam Movie Review & Rating.!

  • October 13, 2023 / 04:26 PM IST

Cast & Crew

  • Sangeeth Shobhan (Hero)
  • Saanvee Megghana (Heroine)
  • Devansh Nama, Anirudh Nama, Anasuya Bharadwaj, Vennela Kishore, Supreeth Reddy, Raj Tirandasu, Goparaju Ramana (Cast)
  • Santosh Kata (Director)
  • Abhishek Nama (Producer)
  • Anup Rubens (Music)
  • Jagadeesh Cheekati (Cinematography)

Prema Vimanam marked the cinematic debut of Devansh and Anirudh Nama, the children of producer Abhishek Nama. Sangeeth Shobhan and Saanvee Megghana play important roles in the film as well. ZEE5 is now offering the film for streaming; let’s see how it does.

Story: The sons of a poor farmer are Ramu (Devansh Nama) and Lachu (Anirudh Nama). The brothers are fascinated when a buddy of Ramu and Lachu claims to have taken a trip one day. They have a great desire to take off, but they are unable to do so due to their financial situation. However, Mani (Sangeeth Shobhan) and Abhita (Saanvee Megghana) are devoted to one another. However, caste problems haven’t always made their connection easy. Did the couple get to live their ideal life? Did the children’s dream come true? This is the main topic of the movie.

Performances: This moving tale involves two children. It has elements of humor, innocence, and strong emotions. The kids’ extreme measures to satisfy their needs are compellingly depicted. It is hard to realize that Devansh Nama and Anirudh Nama’s debut film was Prema Vimanam. That’s the sophistication of the children. Every scene they are in is wonderful. Their scenes with Vennela Kishore in particular are fascinating.

The couple and the children cross paths at a pivotal point in the movie, and those scenes are incredibly suspenseful. It’s great how these two very different stories are connected. Because the groundwork for it is laid forth right away, it makes sense inside the story. Sangeeth Shobhan had a very convincing performance as a villager. He did a fantastic job of conveying tension, rage, and helplessness.

While Mad portrayed the comedic side of Sangeeth Shobhan, Prema Vimanam demonstrated his ability to handle intense scenes as well. As Abhita, Saanvee Megghana is quite remarkable. She has excellent facial expressions and radiated confidence throughout her performance. Each and every song in the movie is fantastic, and Anup Rubens performed a fantastic job. In their respective roles, Anasuya, Vennela Kishore, Supreeth Reddy, Raj Tirandasu, and Goparaju Ramana performed admirably.

Technicalities: Anup Rubens made a huge impression with his amazing tunes. The background music is really excellent. Excellent cinematography is credited to Jagadeesh Cheekati. There are situations when a lot can be said without using words. In one of the movie’s most poignant scenes, the kids discover their father has died and immediately tear a paper rocket apart. It seems that the kids’ dreams were dashed when their father passed away. This brief scene was expertly filmed.

There are good production values. There was much room for improvement in the editing. Regarding Santosh, the director, he performed a passably good job with Prema Vimanam. Santosh does a good job telling the children’s story. However, there was a better way to convey the love story.

Analysis: The love story isn’t engaging, but the kids’ tale is excellent. We have been seeing something extremely generic like this for a time now. There is nothing particularly innovative about how the caste issue is handled. The scenes were also repeated. Still, it’s a neat ending.

Most of the movie’s narration is delivered slowly, which might get monotonous at points. Because the movie is so long, some pointless sequences may have been removed. The post-interval and the conclusion in particular drag a little.

The conclusion has a surprise that significantly lessens the effect. It’s been overused lately, which accounts for the wow factor is missing Prema Vimanam has a few scenes that would bring back memories of past films.

Verdict: Prema Vimanam is an overall rural play that only functions in segments. The love narrative is somewhat predictable and has a lot of recurring sequences, in contrast to the story of the kids at work. The final thirty minutes were riveting, with outstanding performances by Devansh Nama, Anirudh Nama, Sangeeth Shobhan, and Saanvee Megghana. A few enjoyable scenes made many laugh out loud. Overall though, the film is below-par.

Rating: 2/5

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