Poor openings suggest Acharya’s sinking

The Mega family is one of the biggest and most prominent families in Tollywood currently, with a massive fan base. No matter whose film from the Mega family releases, the entire fanbase is always by them to support them. Despite that, there hasn’t been any buzz surrounding Acharya, which was released today. The movie sees the coming together of Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan for the first time, for full-fledged roles in a film, and yet, it couldn’t generate enough buzz for some reason.

There was hope that Acharya would open to good numbers, despite the low buzz, with Chiru and Ram Charan’s presence hopefully enough to draw crowds in. However, this didn’t turn out to be the case, as Acharya opened to really poor numbers. Apart from the low buzz, the fact that the ticket prices have been increased has also turned out to be a major factor for the low numbers.

As a result, Acharya is expected to sink in the days to come, making it the first failure in director Koratala Siva’s career, as his previous three films turned out to be the biggest hits of Tollywood.

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