Orey Bujjigaa Movie Review

Raj Tharun after a while came up with his yet another Romantic Comedy, Orey Bujjigaa trying to recreate the magic he found during his initial days. Somehow, he started accepting bad films even in good production houses. This time he has Gundejari Gallantayyinde and Oka Laila Kosam director, Vijay Kumar Konda, working on his side. Let’s discuss how the film is …

Plot: Bujji (Raj Tharun) runs away from his house to Hyderabad to meet his love (Hebah Patel). He meets Krishnaveni (Malavika Nair) in the train. Both of their families think that they ran away together. Bujji promises to his father that he will find out Krishnaveni and bring her back to their village, Nidudavolu.

Krishnaveni gives him false name as Swathi. Bujji also tells her that his name is Srinivas. Both fall for each other but Bujji helps her family members find Krishnaveni. What happens next? Watch the movie and know more …

Performances: Raj Tharun needs to work on his screen presence. He seems to have been highly affected by whatever is going on in his profesional and personal life. Highs and Lows are common in life and hope a talent like him doesn’t give up on things.

Malavika Nair tried to keep a cute face in close ups and then act in wide shots. It is hard to determine if she did well or if the director couldn’t extract more than that from her.

Hebbah Patel choosing to do such a role in the movie that has Raj Tharun, her first lead, as lead tells volumes about how her market has fallen. She did not have much to do as well. Raja Ravindra, Naresh, Posani Krishna Murali tried to do something with the material given to them but it did not work. Vani Vishwanadh is gravely wasted.

Technicalities: Editing by Prawin Pudi is simply bad. We can see that he tried to strictly follow the script and he couldn’t have done anything in assembling final cut but his choice of shots is bad.

Cinematography looks very very cheap and it is better to not talk about the visual quality. Being a romantic comedy, visuals needed to support the film but they did not at all.

Music by Anup Rubens is forgettable at best. Rest all departments also failed to their best capacity.

Writing and direction in this film by Vijay Kumar Konda tells us that he believes in a template while writing his stories. This time the template did not work like it did in Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde. In fact, movie irritates even on OTT platforms.

Analysis: Very rarely you see a movie with such talented people in the cast and crew that doesn’t work at all. Film looks like someone a product that no one in the team really cared about. Hebbah, Raj Tharun both looked out of sorts throughout the movie. Malavika Nair tried to keep a cute face and seemed really confused in the second half of the movie. On the whole, movie looks like an effort from a team that is filled with amateurs while that is not the case.

Bottom line: Skip Ahead entire movie!

Rating: 2/5

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