Nothing really normal about F3

F3, directed by Anil Ravipudi, the sequel to his film F2, is the first movie to be released with normal ticket prices, in a long time. However, this too, is not really normal, considering that the price for multiplexes is 295, and the price for single screens is 175, where the prices should be Rs. 200 and Rs. 150 respectively.

Increase in ticket prices has become a major problem for filmmakers in recent years as the footfalls in theatres have drastically gone down because of this. Even a film like Sarkaru Vaari Paata is now struggling in theatres right now, to reach its break-even point, due to fewer audiences showing up to the theatres. At a time like this, while it is good that F3 doesn’t come with inflated prices, it would have been much better if the filmmakers chose to restore the previous ticket prices for the film.

Increased ticket prices have only worked for big films that showcased within them a spectacle, like RRR and KGF 2. Other films failed to cash in on the trend, with Acharya even tanking at the box office.

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