Not Pawan, but Salman for Harish Shankar!

At the time of Acharya’s promotions, Megastar Chiranjeevi very publicly asked director Harish Shankar about his meeting with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. Harish confirmed the same and said that he would make an official announcement regarding the same once things are confirmed.

Apart from Salman’s film, Harish is also working on the script of the Telugu remake of Bro Daddy, which Megastar Chiru is interested in. Salman is expected to take a call on whether or not he will be doing a film with Harish after listening to the script on which Harish is currently working. Then, of course, Harish also has Bhavadeeyudu Bhagath Singh with Pawan Kalyan.

Sources are saying that Pawan has allotted dates for BBS in June, but some others are saying that he allotted dates for the remake of Vinodhaya Sitham in June. On the whole, though, whether or not Pawan begins shooting for BBS in June, it looks like Harish has his hands full and maybe even, hopefully, get a nod from Salman and begin the film very soon.

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