Nenu Meeku Baaga Kavalsinavaadini Movie Review and Rating!

Nenu Meeku Baaga Kavalsinavaadini starring Kiran Abbavaram in the lead role has hit the silver screens today. Let’s see how it fares.

Story: Being alcoholic IT employee, Teju( Sanjana Anand) comes across a cab driver Vivek( Kiran Abbavaram). After Vivek rescues Teju from baddies at a pub, she starts trusting him and reveals the reason behind turning alcoholic. After listening to Teju’s sad backstory, what will Vivek do? Who is Vivek and what is his actual intention behind helping Teju, forms the main USB of the film.

Performances: Kiran Abbavaram’s screen presence and his ease while performing action sequence is good. On the flipside, acting-wise Kiran did the same performance which we have been seeing from his first film.

Surprisingly, the film has so much to perform for the female lead. Though new girl Sanjana Anand gave an okayish performance, the role has scope to explore and perform in an even better way.

Director turned actor SV Krishna Reddy is fine in his extended cameo role as heroine’s father. Baba Bhaskar, actor Sameer and other padding artists did decent job in their characters.

Technicalities: The photography work by Raj Nalli is alright. Editing by Prawin Pudi is apt to the film’s genre. The runtime is also locked within limits.

Music by legendary musician Mani Sharma has nothing new in it. Except for the hero introduction mass song and a situational montage number, Mani Sharma’s mark is nowhere see in the movie.

Production values for this limited budget movie by Kodi Ramakrishna’s daughter Kodi Divyaa’s production house are fine.

Analysis: Director Sridhar Gade’s basic thought of making a pucca commercial film with importance to the heroine role is appreciable. He even designed all the key characters in an impressive manner but the major minuses for the film are lack of strong emotions and engaging screenplay.

To summerize, Nenu Meeku Baaga Kavalsinavaadini is a commerical film which lacks an impactful presentatation and fresh vibe in the proceedings. In box office prospects, the film might find takers in B and C centers during this weekend but has a very fewer chances to sustain at the ticket windows.

Verdict: Fails to click!

Rating: 1.5/5