Nela Ticket

Few films last long, few films last an year, few films can be enjoyed upon watching as fun exercise but few films just annoy you to death. When they happen to have those likable people in them, we tend to get even more disappointed. During such disappointing times, we just have to say, “Be Positive” and move on …

Plot : Nela Ticket (Ravi Teja) is an orphan and he always wants to be surrounded by people. He hates being alone and hence, he always keeps his friends close to him. Also, he has a tendency to make everyone his family member and take up their problems as his.

When he takes up a problem that doesn’t concern him, it makes him fight with Home Minister, Ananda Bhupathi (Jagapathi Babu). He is also an orphan and there is a connection between two. Nela Ticket has a sister, Gayathri (Koumudi) and Bhupathi has a brother (Subbaraju). Both become crucial for each of their respective elders. How? Watch the film for answer …

Performances : Ravi Teja needs to look at more content driven films now. However big and popular his mass image might be, even that needs a strong script. He has to make an effort to at least change the kind of roles he takes up as everything seems too routine and too easy. His energy is being wasted in these films.

Malvika Sharma is a doll and she is used like one. She can dance, she can look beautiful and that is it, she had to offer in the film. Koumudi is not improving as much as the roles she is being offered in films, now-a-days.

Jagapathi Babu seriously needs a different script and a good character to break the routine. Others like Pridhvi, Brahmanandam, Ali, Priyadarshi, Posani Krishna Murali are wasted.

Technicalities : Cinematography by Mukhesh is neither good nor bad. He just recorded some moving people in different angles. There is no meaning for the shots nor any importance to the camera movements.

Editing by Chota K. Prasad is highly forgettable. He doesn’t make a decent effort to even keep the proceedings at right pace. Seems like he is asked to follow the script and he just did the same.

Music by Shaktikanth Karthik is highly routine and unbearable to a degree of annoyance. He needs to improve on his instrumentation when making music for these commercial entertainers. Also, his BG score for this film is pathetic.

As a story writer, Kalyan Krishna is good but as a screenplay writer, he seems to have degraded to the bottom level of furnance for this film. He had an energetic hero who has great charisma but he failed to utilise him well enough.

His characters are as pathetic as an un-cooked raw meat. They are tasteless and even though he does seem to have a point, he doesn’t convey it properly. Two orphans who have chosen hate and love, end up fighting against each other. As a thought it sounds interesting and new. But the film made out of it is completely uninspiring.

Analysis : Ideas get converted into stories and then they are converted into a screenplay with a purpose of telling the story compellingly. There are no measurements or calculations to go with. You need to tell the story the way it needs to be in an entertaining way. But when you think about calculations and try to place everything accordingly, novelty if ideas get killed.

Kalyan Krishna suffers with that same problem here. He tried hard to make a Ravi Teja film, but ended up making an annoying over-the-top film that can only be loved by those who enjoy torturing themselves.

Rating : 1.5/5

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