Mallika Sherawat Talked About her Egoistic Male co Actors and Demands !

  • June 29, 2023 / 10:11 PM IST

In a previous chat, Mallika Sherawat talked about her egotistical male coworkers, clashing with her co-stars, and other topics.

Born Reema Lamba, Mallika Sherawat is renowned for becoming a sex icon in Bollywood. The actress, who has appeared in films such as Murder, Hisss, Guru, Welcome, and others, once discussed having arguments with her co-stars. She also talked about the egotistical treatment she received from her male co-stars at the same time.

The actress also discussed her dispute with Emraan Hashmi during the same chat, describing how the “childish” altercation cost her a connection with someone who was “so friendly and giving.”

The Love Laugh Live anchor Mandira Bedi asked Mallika Sherawat about her altercations with her co-stars at a previous interview. “I don’t know why, but most of the co-actors would get into an ego tussle with me,” the “Murder” actress retorted in response. Further explaining, the actress said, “They would expect me, the male co-stars like they come on set for me to-if I’m sitting, stand up and say ‘good morning, how are you’ and fawn over them.”

Mallika Sherawat continued, “It’s not my personality, I’m a Haryanvi Jaat, I don’t fawn over someone if I’m forced to. That’s why these meetings would end in fights. I’ve engaged in a lot of skirmishes. The ‘Hisss’ actress opened up about her friendship with Emraan Hashmi and how it ended while discussing the same subject.

The funniest was with Emraan Hashmi after or after Murder, Mallika continued, explaining why they aren’t pals with the “Tiger 3” star. We were silent, and looking back, I think that was very childish. We got into a disagreement after the movie, during advertising or something. It was incredibly inappropriate and childish of me as well. I’m the same. They are no longer in contact, she said, even if she now chuckles about the argument. He was a lovely co-star because he’s so amiable and giving, she said, adding, “I lost touch with him and it’s really unfortunate because he was. He is a good guy.

Mallika Sherawat’s most recent film, RK/RKAY, was directed by Rajat Kapoor. The movie has yet to be released in India, despite having premiered in the US in 2022. She will also appear in Nakaab, a web series that also features Esha Gupta and Ankita Chakraborty.

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