Kanabadutaledu Movie Review and Rating!

Noted digital platform Spark OTT has acquired the entire rights for a small film titled, Kanabadutaledu. Starring Sunil, Sukranth, Yug Ram and Vaishali Raj in prominent roles, the film had its theatrical release today. Let’s see how it is.

Story: After being cheated by her boyfriend Suriya(Sukranth), with no option left, obeying her family’s decision, a young girl named Sashi( Vaishali Raj) marries Aditya( Yug Ram). But one fine day, she decides to find the whereabouts of Suriya with the help of her husband and ropes a detective agent ( role played by Sunil) for the same. Why does Sashi want to meet Suriya again? Is there any backstory behind this? Will Sashi and her husband be able to track the details of Suriya? To know the answer to that, you have to catch the film in the theatres near you.

Performances: Sunil has been not utilized properly as all his establishment scenes are left abruptly without proper justification.

Young heroine Vaishali Raj is adorable on the screen but her role has not been showcased with clarity. While her romantic track with Suriya has not been dealt in an effective manner, on the flip side, no one understands why she involves her husband Aditya in Suriya’s missing case.

Looks-wise, both Sukranth and Yug Ram are decent but they have to work on improving their acting capabilities. Other artists, who did the key roles are okay in their respective characters.

Technicalities: Music by Madhu Ponnas is a big letdown as none of the songs registers. His background score is also major disappointing.

The cinematography work by Sandeep Baddula is okay but could have been far better considering the film’s setup. Editing work by Ravi Teja Kurmana lacks sharpness as most of the scenes in the movie do not have continuity. Production values for this low budget film are decent.

Analysis: Debut director Balaraju’s idea of making a mysterious thriller is good but his execution part suffers from too many demerits. The result could have been even better if he had would have spent more time on the script during the drafting stage itself.

Having a creative idea is not enough but a film should also have a gripping narration to impress the audience. This is what exactly happened with Kanabadutaledu as the director ignored the narration part completely.

In one word, Kanabadutaledu is an investigative thriller that lacks proper scene order and engaging proceedings.

Verdict: Good idea goes for a toss!!!

Rating: 1/5

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