Is a third wave of the virus going to be a problem for Tollywood?

Every film industry in the world has been affected due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Tollywood is no different. Film shootings had to be stalled due to both waves of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, and as a result, thousands of daily wage workers are continuing to suffer even today. A lot of financial stress has been caused due to the lockdown, due to which producers are suffering.

Theatre owners are going through the worst crisis they have ever faced in their lives, and the situation for some is utterly gruesome. Coronavirus has had devastating effects on everyone in the world and continues to do so. The second wave of the virus is just coming to an end, with lockdown measures being lifted slowly.

Shootings in Tollywood are expected to resume in July when further relaxations are expected to be given. However, there’s a fear of the third wave once again disrupting everything in the country. A third wave is said to be imminent if proper measures are not taken, and experts are asking everyone to be vigilant enough to make sure that there’s no third wave. Given that film shootings are being carried on with all precautions in place, it is being said that the third wave wouldn’t tamper with the shootings like the first and second waves, and some are even expressing confidence of there being no third wave at all.

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