Induvadana Movie Review and Rating!

After a gap, hero Varun Sandesh is back with a film titled, Induvadana. Directed by M Srinivasaa Raju, the film has hit the screens today on the occasion of New Year. Let’s check how it is.

Story: Being a forest officer, Vasu(Varun Sandesh) along with his team will be tracking the smugglers in the forest region. In the process, Vasu comes across a tribal girl named Indu(Farnaz Shetty) and falls for her at the first sight itself. After a couple of romantic scenes between the lead pair, under mysterious circumstances, Indu will be found dead. Who kills Indu? What is the mental condition of Vasu after the demise of his lover? How will Vasu track the main person behind Indu’s murder? To know that, you have to catch the film in the nearest theatres.

Performances: Varun Sandesh is widely known for his lover boy image but for the first time in Induvadana, he played a role that has multiple shades in it. His acting during a few key scenes is good and elevates the mood of the film.

Heroine Farnaz Shetty is a special attraction for the movie. Along with eye candy treat, Farnaz Shetty impresses with her performance in the given purposeful role. Especially, her acting in several crucial scenes in the latter half brings authentic texture to the movie.

Actors such as Ali, Mahesh Vitta, Parvathisam, Dhanraj, Thagubothu Ramesh did their supporting roles quite convincingly. Especially, a few fun scenes involving Mahesh Vitta, Dhanraj, Thagubothu Ramesh evoke good laughs.

Senior actor Nagineedu and actress Surekha Vani are apt in their given key roles.

Technicalities: Music by Shiva Kakani registers well as his background brings depth to a couple of episodes in both halves. While his songs are appealing on-screen, Shiva used good sounding instruments for the background score.

The cinematography work by B Murali Krishna is nice as he tried to present the natural locations in the forest region in a realistic manner. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao is nice as he kept the narration crisp without any unwanted scenes.

Production values by Madhavi Adurti’s Sri Balaji Pictures banner are apt for the film’s genre. Looks like they believed in the subject and invested more money than Varun Sandeep’s market.

Analysis: Though the film’s core point lacks freshness in it, the way director Srinivasaa Raju and his team worked on the screenplay version is good. The idea of making a horror comedy-drama in forest backdrop is good but if the team has worked more on the presentation part, the result would have been even better.

While a few character establishment scenes in the first half are narrated for more than the usual time, the key second half also has a few cliches which would have been avoided.

To summerize, Induvadana is a romantic horror drama that has a few interesting episodes. Varun Sandesh and Farnaz Shetty’s acting is good and breath life into the movie. If the makers can promote the film aggressively, it has bright chances to mint revenues in B and C centres.

Verdict: Can give it a try!

Rating: 2/5