ImageSpark Production’s Cab Stories Teaser Out

As promised, Spark OTT is coming up with a unique content. Cab Stories is the next attraction of the ImageSpark Production. Starring Divi Vadthya, Giridhar, Dhanraj, Praveen, Srihan and Siri in lead roles, the film will have its digital premiere on May 28th.

The teaser of Cab Stories has been released by Sunil, Vennela Kishore and Srinivas Reddy. The video begins with Sunil’s voiceover introducing all the lead characters get on a cab. Initially, all the characters look contented and it appears as if their journey began lately. However, we need to wait till May 25th to know for how long their journey that had many twists and turns had begun.

The teaser looks promising and creates great hype. It’s indeed is a perfect concept for an OTT platform. All the actors came up with good performances, while cinematography and BGM are the other big assets, other than rich production values and sensible direction.

Bigg Boss 4 fame Divi Vadthya seems to have got a meaty role. Billed to be an out and out entertainer, Cab Stories is directed by KVN Rajesh and produced by S Krishna.

Sujatha Siddharth handled the cinematography, while Sai Kartheek has scored music and Tammiraju is the editor.