08 Horror Thrillers To Watch On Hulu

Making a horror thriller is quite a difficult task as there are many limitations regarding the concept. Giving new thrills that were not seen to this date is quite an uphill task. Yet we are blessed with some outstanding scary movies. The beauty with scary movies is that we fear them and we love them but we can’t ignore them. This line is, particularly for the horror genre lovers. With the rise in OTT platforms, we have got the gift to watch some outstanding works in horror thrillers around the world. Apart from OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, another OTT giant Hulu has some serious stuff. Ok, not wasting any time, here are some of the best horror thrillers we can watch on Hulu. Have a look.

Horror Thrillers To Watch On Hulu

  • Ghost Stories

1 Ghost Stories Movie

Released in 2017, Ghost Stories is one of the best horror thrillers for years. It is a British horror film. Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman have directed this film which gives you one hell of a scary experience. Andy Nyman himself starred in the lead role in this movie. Actually they have conceived this based on the stage play with the same name. Going into the story, Andy Nyman was tasked to debunk three paranormal activities and what are the challenges he faces while encountering these activities. Paranormal activities had a special role in these horror thrillers. It is one of the most effective ways to give scares. Just don’t miss the Ghost Stories for its decent writing and scares.

  • The Wretched

2 The Wretched Movie

This 2019 American supernatural horror thriller is one hell of a mind-bending film. A rebellious teenage boy who is struggling with his parent’s divorce embarks on a gutsy journey to stop the old witch which has possessed his neighbor. The Wretched can be termed as a bone-chilling experience and even for the hardcore horror-thriller watchers, it will give moments where your heart goes for a skip. The Wretched has got a huge reception after its release. After Avatar that released in 2009, this movie becomes the first to top the box office for six consecutive weekends. The Pierce Brothers have directed the film and it is one of the most-watched horror thrillers in Hulu. Skip it if you have a weak heart.

  • The Devil’s Door Way

3 The Devil's Doorway Movie

Set up in the 1960s, The Devil’s Door Way is 2018 Irish found footage film that means that few scenes or the entire movie will be shown as recordings. That means we will get the experience of watching the film through the camera eye. Coming to the film, The Devil’s Door Way is an investigative kind of movie which is curious from the start and gives scarier experiences here and there. In the 1960s Father Thomas Riley and Father John Thornton are sent by the Vatican to investigate a miracle which apparently is the statue of the Virgin Mary weeping blood, in an Irish home for unwed mothers. The priests in turn had a series of horrific incidents waiting for them. The horror show of sadistic nuns will make you jump from your seats. The movie is just 76 minutes but it will haunt you for many days.

  • The Houses October Built

4 The Houses October Built Movie

If you are game for extreme scares, then this movie is for you. The Houses October Built is another found-footage horror film. A group of five friends to find more fright for Halloween starts their journey to find the scariest haunting place in America. They want to find an extreme haunt called Blue Skeleton. They film the experiences on their way of the haunted attractions. While they are on the search and are almost at the dead end, stranger things unfold but by the time it is clear that the Haunt has come to them. The Houses October Built is one hell of a ride for weak hearts.

  • House of 1000 corpses

5 House Of 1000 Corpses Movie

The horror-comedy genre has been diluted these days but almost two decades ago black comedy horror film is a bomb. House of 1000 corpses is a 2003 black comedy horror film that rocked the horror world when it released. Though the film is 17 years old it will be quite an experience to watch this now and know how this movie influenced the genre and has shown a new way in this already exploited genre. Rob Zombie made his directional debut with this film which can be termed as the blockbusters in this genre. With an empty fuel tank and a flat tire, two couples are down to a horror-filled road, the House of 1000 corpses. Don’t miss this gem.

  • Texas Chainsaw

6 Texas Chainsaw Movie

Released in 2013, Texas Chainsaw is one of the most horrific thrillers we ever come across. Actually these movies come into the sub-genre of slasher where there will be mass murders based on a weapon made of bladed tools. When a young woman comes to find out that she inherits a Texas estate from a grandmother. Little did she know that her newfound wealth has big trouble in the form of horrors in the estate’s dank cellar. It comes as the seventh installment in the Eight part Texas Chainsaw franchise. Though the reviews are mixed, the film can be given a go.

  • Swiped To Death

7 Swiped To Death Movie

Who said dating is all fun? It can be hell sometimes too. When a teenage girl swipes right to a handsome stranger in a dating app, she believes her life is going to be exciting. Some serious hidden danger is waiting for her. Swiped To Death is one of the most interesting horror shorts in the Hulu.

  • The Midnight Man

8 The Midnight Man Movie

Some funny games might turn into a serious turn. A girl and her friends play a mysterious game that calls a horrifying creature called the Midnight Man. It uses the worst fears against them. They have to evade him. What are the consequences of the act and what price the young girl and her friends have to play? The Midnight Man is one of the best horrors we will ever come across.

Well, here is the list. Do let us mention in the comments what is the most horrifying film you watched on this OTT platform.

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