Extra Ordinary Man Movie Review & Rating.!

  • December 8, 2023 / 04:26 PM IST

Cast & Crew

  • Nithiin (Hero)
  • Sreeleela (Heroine)
  • Dr. Rajasekhar, Sudhev Nair, Rao Ramesh, Rohini, Sampath Raj, Brahmaji, Ajay, Harsha Vardhan (Cast)
  • Vakkantham Vamsi (Director)
  • N. Sudhakar Reddy, Nikitha Reddy (Producer)
  • Harris Jayaraj (Music)
  • Arthur A. Wilson ISC, Yuvraj J, Sai Sriram (Cinematography)

Extra Ordinary Man is Nithin’s latest film which has been directed by Vakkantam Vamsi. The comedy action drama has Sreeleela as the heroine and was released today. Let’s review it here.

Story: Abhinay(Nithin) is a popular junior artist whose only dream is to become a hero. He falls in love with a rich girl played by Sreeleela and even settles down in her company for a highly-paid job. Once this happens and he is in a happy space, the hero role knocks on his door and Abhinay takes it up only to land in multiple problems. What problems did he face and did his dream come true? is the rest of the story.

Performances: Nithin is back in a very entertaining role after a long gap. His character gives him ample score to showcase his comedy and he is superb in the film. Sreeleela does not have much to do but sizzles in all the songs and dance routines. Hero Rajasekhar was good in his role and his character is neatly done. Brahmaji and Hyper provide a few laughs here and there. The rest of the cast was decent.

Technical Aspects: The songs in Extra Ordinary Man are below par as not one song manages to click. They come in as speed breakers and disturb the flow of the film. The camerawork is decent and so was the action set up. The dialogues are funny and those written for Nithin are hilarious. The editing is decent and so is the production design. The screenplay is just about okay and so was the narration by Vakkantam Vamsi.

Analysis: The first thing in the film is that Extra Ordinary Man has nothing new to showcase. It is a typical commercial film with lots of fun and masala. There are many fun moments that keep the audience engaged. But some scenes are routine and irritate the audience.

Vakkantham Vamsi displays his writing prowess to a certain extent, yet a more concentrated effort on the script, particularly in the latter part, could have lifted the film. The inclusion of comedy scenes and a passable screenplay prevents it from going down. In the latter half, the narrative becomes somewhat predictable, featuring numerous scenes reminiscent of the film “Race Gurram.” The humor and dialogue often draw from popular social media spoofs.

The storyline follows a familiar path with a foreseeable screenplay and less-than-convincing characters. It seems the director opted for a lighthearted and comedic approach to the film. The romantic subplot proves to be intolerable, but the comedic performances of Nithiin and Rao Ramesh come to the rescue in the first half. Despite this, the film is burdened with numerous unnecessary scenes. If they would have been managed well, the output would have been even better.

Verdict: Extra Ordinary Man is a film that is made to entertain the audience. The film has jokes, fights, and songs in a regular template. It is not that great or that bad as well and is struck somewhere in between. Those who love commercial potboilers might like this film.

Bottom Line – Just for a few laughs

Rating: 2.75/5

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