The suspense thriller, Eureka has created a good vibe with its teasers. The film is out now and read our review to see how the film is in the first place.

Story: The film has a college backdrop and is set amidst two student rival groups who try to dethrone each other. Yuva(Karteek Anand) and Revanth (Munna) head these groups and the twist in the tale arises when one of those goes missing in a mysterious. What happened in between them and is there a culprit behind it is the whole story of the film.

Performances: Both the lead actors have given their best for the film. Kartheek is seen in a rough look and he is good with his part as his aggressive nature suits the whole story of the film. Munna is not far behind as the other hero and he too delivers an impressive performance. He was good at all the tense scenes of the film. Shalini Vadnikatti and Dimple Hayathi also played their roles to the best of their abilities. Dimple Hayathi was effortless as Yuva’s girlfriend. Brahmaji as the college lecturer left his mark in a few scenes.

Twist in second half

Slow First Half
Dull Music

Analysis: As the film is a suspense thriller, the setting of the film has been kept well. The hero cum director Kartheek has done a decent job by inducing a neat twist that surprises the audience all of a sudden at the interval point. The suspense elements in the second half and the way all these scenes are brought in is very impressive.

The first half takes a toll on the film but if you patiently sit through this, one will enjoy the thriller. The film will be liked by suspense movie lovers and it is the other way round for others.

Rating: 3/5

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