DJ Tillu Movie Review and Rating!

DJ Tillu starring Siddhu Jonnalagadda and Neha Shetty as the lead pair is carrying good expectations among the audience. Directed by Vimal Krishna, the film has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it fares.

Story: Bal Gangadhar Tilak aka DJ Tillu comes across a beautiful girl named Radhika(Neha Shetty) at a pub and falls for her instantly. After a brief conversation, Radhika also starts liking Tillu and eventually friendship blooms between them. In the process, Radhika invites Tillu to her flat. Excited Tillu goes to her place but gets to know about a shocking fact after entering Radhika’s flat. What will Tillu see at Radhika’s place? How will he face further circumstances? Forms the rest of the plotline.

Performances: Undoubtedly, DJ Tillu is Siddhu Jonnalagadda’s one-man show. Right from his appearance to the dialogue delivery in typical Hyderabadi Telangana accent adds energy to the proceedings. His flexible body modulation and makeover are major pluses for the film.

Heroine Neha Shetty is glamorous on the screen and her romantic chemistry with Siddhu will be loved by the youth audience. Apart from the skin show, Neha even has got good scope to perform in the given key role and did her part quite effectively.

Other noted artists such as Brahmaji, Prince, Fish Venkat are good with their performance. Artists who played the hero’s parents role are apt in their roles.

Technicalities: The makers made a smart choice by picking the happening musician Thaman to score the background music for the film. True to the expectations, Thaman literally involved, caught the texture and gave a solid RR which helped the film a lot. To simplify, Thaman’s background score is back bond for DJ Tillu.

Songs composed by Ram Miryala and Sricharan Pakala are passable on the screen. Special mention to the title track sung by Ram Miryala established the hero character in a solid manner.

The cinematography work by Sai Prakash Ummadisingu is good as he presented the entire film on a lavish note with his lens. Editing by Navin Nooli is sharp. Production values for this product by Sithara Entertainments banner are rich as the quality is visible on the screen.

Analysis: Vimal Krishna directs DJ Tillu. The director’s vision of exploring the life story of an easy-go-luck guy is good and he designed Siddhu’s character nicely. Along with Vimal, Siddu also worked on the writing part for the film and their work is visible with the funny one-liners.

After watching the film one thing is clear the director and his team completely focused on presenting Tillu’s characterization and neglected the story and scene proceedings. Due to the same, the narrative in the second half turns flat and boring at times.

To summerize, DJ Tillu is a youthful entertainer that has a solid performance from Siddhu Jonnalagadda. Though the pace of the film drops slightly in the second half, it is balanced with fun-filled moments making the film an easy one time watch.

Verdict: Fun treat!

Rating: 3/5 

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