Dil Raju to hold a meeting with the F2 team

It is very well known that the F2 team is coming together for the second installment in the franchise. Titled F3, the movie’s regular shooting was supposed to start from December 14th but that looks unlikely with unforeseen circumstances. It is said that Varun Tej who doesn’t take much remuneration for F2 is now demanding huge remuneration for F3. He wants 10 Crores+.

Even Venkatesh and Anil Ravipudi settled for modest remunerations and the trade talk is that they all want huge remunerations now as the previous film was a big blockbuster. With the remunerations alone, the movie’s budget will cross 40 Crores and the whole production cost will shoot up to more than 65 Crores which is highly unlikely for the project to become viable.

F2 was made on a budget of around 30 Crores and the film collected more than 70 Crores. So Dil Raju wants to hold a meeting with the heroes and the director and wants to settle the issue.

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