Bheeshma is a film that has to click for Nithin as he is going through a rough phase. The film is out and read our review to find out how the film has shaped up.

Story: Bheeshma played by Nithin falls in love with Chaitra played by Rashmika. But this does not go well with her dad. To get away from this topic, Bheeshma’s dad says that his son is the whole and sole owner of Bheeshma group of organic farming. The rest of the story is as to how Nithin comes out of this tricky situation and gets really connected with the company and helps others.

Performances: Nithin gets his career best role and he is amazing in it. He evokes good comedy in his humorous avatar and his chemistry with all actors in crunch comedybscdnss is very good.

Rashmika is neat in her independent working woman’s role. She has a great chemistry with Nithin and that shows in the songs as well. Vennela Kishore is another highlight with his comedy.

Ananta Nag gets a good role but he is not used much. Naresh is okay and so was Brahmaji. Narra gets a good role with Bengali actor Sen Gupta. Raghu Babu was also good

Interval bang

Simple story
Lack of twists

Analysis: Venky Kudumula won good fame with Chalo as he made the film with solid entertainment. In this film, he has stuck only to the comedy. He chooses organic farming as a backdrop and nicely induces romance through the lead pair.

The way he adds comedy, songs and humor keeps the audience entertained most of the time. The fun factor is not left out as there are many time pass moments in the film. The runtime is also very crisp and you do not get a feeling of lag. There are many scenes which look a bit over the top but they go with the flow.

Nithin has made sure that he gives an energetic performance which holds the film. As there are no big films Bheeshma will get benefitted. Go in minimum expectations and you will have a good time pass this week.

Rating: 3/5

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