08 Best Telugu Movies of Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan, The Universal Star is undoubtedly one of the top and best actors of Indian Cinema. He is the most versatile actor and can emote any kind of role effortlessly. Kamal Haasan is very keen to experiment in his career. He has the knack of picking up the characters that are quite challenging. Kamal Haasan has never run after the commercial formulae, yet he achieved the top status. His movies speak a lot about his talent.

Kamal Haasan though majorly has done movies in Tamil, he has done a couple of films in Telugu as well. Here we are making a list of the best films of Kamal Haasan in Telugu.

P.S: We are not including dubbing films.

Best Telugu Movies of Kamal Haasan

  • Maro Charitra

01 Maro Charitra

The film has attained a cult status. For some reason, K. Bala Chander has chosen Kamal Haasan for the film Maro Charitra and made in Telugu instead of Tamil. Lucky are we to witness a classic. The film has many reasons to be a blockbuster. The chemistry between the Kamal Haasan and Saritha is to watch out for. Tragedy films generally didn’t attract repeat watches except for a few which are legendary. Maro Chaitra belongs to that category. The songs in the film need special mention. Maro Charitra is the first direct Telugu film for Kamal Haasan in the lead role after performing for a brief role in Anthuleni Katha and the result is extraordinary.


  • Sommokadidi Sokokadidi

02 Sommokadidi Sokokadidi

The visionary Singeetam Srinivasa Rao is the director of Sommokadidi Sokokadidi. The film in which Kamal Haasan plays the dual role is a super hit. It is the first film that Kamal Haasan and Singeetam worked together. Later they delivered many blockbusters. Jaya Sudha and Roja Ramani are the female leads in this project which is a fun-filled entertainer for most of the part. Kamal Haasan will be seen in the role of a doctor and happy go, lucky guy. While the mischievous guy comes in the place of the responsible doctor, who later finds out that he has an identical twin, what happens then is the rest of the story. The film has done extremely well in its theatrical run.


  • Idi Katha Kaadu

03 Idi Katha Kaadu

Idi Katha Kaadu is a masterpiece. K. Balachander has produced many of such. He has the knack of giving up challenging women-centric roles. After giving Anthuleni Katha to Jayaprada, K. Balachander has given another masterpiece to Jayasudha in the form of Idi Katha Kaadu. The film majorly revolves around three guys (Sarath Babu, Chiranjeevi, Kamal Haasan) vying for one girl (Jayasudha). Chiranjeevi plays a negative role in the movie and Kamal Haasan will be seen as a silent lover of Jayasudha. He is a ventriloquist, who talks through his puppet Junior. The emotional angle to this character has worked to a great extent and Kamal Haasan nailed his performance in the role of Johnny.


  • Sagara Sangamam

04 Sagara Sangamam

What can we say about this movie? One can write many lines describing the greatness of the film and Kamal Haasan’s performance in it. K. Viswanath and Kamal Haasan have produced a few gems and Sagara Sangamam is the first of them. Kamal Haasan’s performance as Balu is just outstanding. It is a major blockbuster that got dubbed into many languages including Russian. The emotional angle, particularly when Kamal Haasan reads the letter and the following scenes will make anyone’s hearts wet. One of the top performances of Kamal Haasan, definitely.


  • Aakali Rajyam

05 Aakali Rajyam

Again Kamal Haasan and K. Balachander collaborated on a project and the film hasn’t disappointed. It is yet another masterpiece. We might have heard this word a lot of times but we can’t help it. Such is the combination. Aakali Rajyam is the struggle of a straightforward man Ranga who suffers from deep poverty and unemployment. At times’ unemployment is a major issue and hence the film connected instantly to the youth. The film takes many twists and turns and finally, the film says that no matter what the circumstances are, one should not change their attitude if their path is correct.


  • Swathi Muthyam

06 Swathi Muthyam

Almost all the films Kamal Haasan has done in Telugu are blockbusters and are rich in content. Coming to Swathi Muthyam, it is another classic from K Vishwanath. Words can’t do justice to praise Kamal Haasan’s performance as an innocent man in Swathi Muthyam. The movie’s content is just outstanding. Every scene has purity in it. Kamal Haasan and Radhika have just lived in their characters. Swathi Muthyam the cult classic is selected as India’s entry for the Academy Awards. However, it was not nominated. Ilaiyaraaja’s music was another added asset.


  • Indrudu Chandrudu

07 Indrudu Chandrudu

Kamal Haasan in his career has portrayed negative shades with utmost conviction. Kamal Haasan’s performance in Indrudu Chandrudu can be termed a notch higher. His ruthlessness and cruelty as a headstrong mayor who doesn’t care for his family are superb. The same character behaves the other way in the later hour and Kamal Haasan has been outstanding in both the shades. Indrudu Chandrudu directed by Suresh Krishna is a big commercial hit those days. The movie is a superb musical hit too. The song Laali Jo is an evergreen classic.


  • Subha Sankalpam

08 Subha Sankalpam

SP Balasubrahmanyam, the legendary singer who has left this world recently leaving us in deep shock, has produced this movie. Kamal Haasan, his good friend is the co-producer as well. Subha Sankalpam marks the debut of K Vishwanath as the actor and later the director has succeeded in bagging more meaningful roles as the actor. Kamal Haasan and K Vishwanath’s other masterpiece, Subha Sankalpam is a musical chartbuster too. MM Keeravani is the music composer. The songs in the movie are evergreen. Who can forget the superb Seetamma Andaalu song? Released in the year 1995, the film has bagged five Nandi awards which gives an indication of how good the film was.


We are sure there are other best Kamal Haasan’s movies as well in Telugu. We are blessed that he has done so many Telugu films as well in his career. Nevertheless, Kamal Haasan is a complete actor and we are so lucky to live in his era.

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