10 Best Movies of Chiranjeevi

Mega Star Chiranjeevi needs no introduction. The actor has created a euphoria for himself that is unmatched. Chiranjeevi is not just a name but an emotion. He has created every possible record on his name and his career is nothing but a sensation and inspiration. There are many heroes in Tollywood who came to the industry drawing inspiration from Chiru.

Picking out a few best movies of the Mega Star cannot be justified at all. However, we dare to do the job, and here are some of the best movies of Mega Star Chiranjeevi.

Best Movies of Chiranjeevi

  • Indra

01 Indra

While others have performed the roles of factionists superbly, there was pressure on Chiranjeevi to ace the role and the Mega Star who knows only to be at the top has delivered flawlessly. Indra is a superb blockbuster for Chiranjeevi and he proves that with Indra, he can perform any role with ease and outnumber others. Directed by B. Gopal and written by Chinni Krishna and Paruchuri Brothers, Indra is a superb blockbuster. While talking about the film, dialogues like “Mokke Kada Ani Peekeste Peeka Kostaa” still reverbates.


  • Swayam Krushi

02 Swayam Krushi

The film will always find a slot in Chiranjeevi’s top 10 any day. Swayam Krushi directed by K. Vishwanath teaches us many things. Chiranjeevi’s performance as an honest and innocent person is just outstanding. Chiranjeevi is a complete actor and can perform any kind of role, be it a class or mass role. Swayam Krushi is a huge inspirational movie even to this generation.


  • Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari

03 Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari

One of the biggest commercial successes in Chiranjeevi’s career. The combo of Raghavendra Rao and Chiranjeevi delivered many blockbusters and this movie stands on the top. There are huge commercial factors in the movie. The grandness and the vision as never before in the industry. This movie defeated all the odds, even climatic odds. The movie is an industry hit at that time. It has grossed more than 15 Crore rupees which is a whopping number. The chemistry between Chiranjeevi and Sridevi is outstanding.


  • Mutha Mestri

04 Mutha Mestri

Chiranjeevi in his career has played many mass roles and Mutha Mestri stands out of them. Hero’s introduction song in the movie is a craze. A. Kodanda Rami Reddy and Chiranjeevi have delivered many blockbusters and industry hits. Here in the list, there are a couple of them as well. Chiranjeevi as Bose, who works in a local vegetable market becomes a minister. What conspires him again to resign to the post and takes revenge on the baddies forms the crux of the story. Definitely, Mutha Mestri is a major success and one of the main positive points in Chiranjeevi’s career.


  • Khaidi

05 Khaidi

Career changing movie for Chiranjeevi. Definitely a huge success in Chiru’s career. Khaidi has totally changed the dynamics in Chiranjeevi’s career. He has become so busy after the release of Khaidi. Kodanda Rami Reddy is the director and Paruchuri Brothers are the writers of the movie. Khaidi is a sensation after the release. Definitely, this movie finds a place in the Top 5 in Chiranjeevi’s career. After Khaidi’s release, Chiranjeevi is a star. With film after film, he rose to the throne of Tollywood and Khaidi is a massive stepping stone for that.


  • Gang Leader

06 Gang Leader

What can we talk about this movie? The theme of G A N G gang gang, is a very attractive theme and goosebumps material. Written by Paruchuri Brothers and directed by Vijaya Baapineedu, Gang Leader is a huge commercial success. The film was remade in Hindi as well and a huge success in Bollywood too. The emotional quotient in the movie and the commercial factor is high. The dialogues and mannerisms are a huge plus point of the movie.


  • Challenge

07 Challenge

The combination of Chiranjeevi, A Kodanda Rami Reddy, KS Rama Rao is one of the greatest combinations in Tollywood. They have worked for a series of blockbusters. Challenge is one of the best motivational and inspirational films of all time. The film gives the hope of anything can be achieved come what circumstances might be. Challenge is based on Yandamuri Veerendhranath’s novel Dabbu To The Power Of Dabbu. The songs in Challenge are superb chartbusters. Chiranjeevi’s one of the best commercial hits and a very meaningful movie as well.


  • Chantabbai

08 Chantabbai

Chiranjeevi is known for his comic timing. Chantabbai directed by Jandhyala is a huge changeover in Chiranjeevi’s career. His comic timing in the film is a huge asset. Chiranjeevi in the role of James Pond is just hilarious. The movie’s comedy scenes are evergreen and can be enjoyed even now after multiple watches. However, Chantabbai is not much commercial success as expected. Still, it is one of the best movies of Chiranjeevi. It will always find a place in the Top 10.


  • Kondaveeti Donga

09 Kondaveeti Donga

Chiranjeevi’s commercial movies made fans go into a frenzy. Kondaveeti Donga is a blockbuster. Chiranjeevi’s role in this movie is inspired by that of Robin Hood. The combination of Chiranjeevi and Kodanda Rami Reddy is gold. It is one of the biggest hits in Chiranjeevi’s career. Raja, played by Chiru in the movie revolts against the system by turning into Robin Hood and loots the rich people and feeds to the poor. The film had a stellar cast of Chiranjeevi, Vijayasanthi, Sharada, Radha, Mohan Babu, etc.,


  • Rudra Veena

10 Rudra Veena

One of the very meaningful films from Chiranjeevi. His role Suryam is a very properly etched character with high morales. Highly revolutionized movie that speaks of the cast system. The scenes between Chiranjeevi and Gemini Ganeshan is a treat to watch for sure. The songs in the movies are excellent. “Taraliraada Tane Vasantham” is a masterpiece from Ilaiyaraaja. However, Rudra Veena is a commercial failure but it acclaimed critical applause. Still one of the best roles for Chiranjeevi.


Like Said, it is an extremely difficult job to pick up just the 10 best films from his overall career. But we tried. If you feel we missed any of the best, it is so sure we missed some gems. Then do comment below and let us know.

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