25 Best Adventure Movies of All Time That You Shouldn’t Miss!

We wanted to give a list of best and great adventures from English Movies – All Time. And we wanted to make the list as long as it can get. But then thought, why not first recommend you 25 best among the adventure films that you shouldn’t miss. Maybe one film for each day or two! Anyways, let’s first catch up with these 25 and know why they are alltime greats or bests.

25 Best Adventure Movies of All Time

  • Wizard of OZ

1 Wizard Of Oz Movie
The 1939 Film is almost the first adventure film in the World to become a global phenomenon. Movie over the years is still able to give you an idea about how to construct a good screenplay for an adventure film.
  • Lord of The Rings Trilogy

2 Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Movie
Most of the movie critics call these films perfect trilogy and we agree with them. Peter Jackson one-upped himself with each film as a narrator and journey to the middle earth created by RR Tolkien is made legendary on-screen by him.
  • Raiders of The Lost Ark

3 Raiders Of The Lost Ark Movie
Film nerds can’t believe you if you say you’re a cinephile but have never watched this film. Indiana Jones as a character keeps growing on you as the film unleashes. Steven Spielberg just announced himself to the world as an amazing visionary with this film.
  • Back to the Future Trilogy

4 Back To The Future Trilogy Movie
Many film nerds and sci-fi geeks absolutely love these movies as they explored Time-Travel like never before. Last one, might have moments that you would love to skip ahead. But you will enjoy watching them all.
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

5 The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Movie
Westerns have always been a fascinating genre for many actors. But those westerns have been turned into Spaghetti Westerns by this absolute classic. Clint Eastwood became a demi-god because of his charismatic portrayal of Dirty Harry character in the film.
  • Ben-Hur

6 Ben Hur Movie
You might have heard about this film many times. Yes, it is an inspiration for many Telugu films. SS Rajamouli did mention that he wanted to stay a chase sequence like in this movie in his Magadheera. Watch this film to know, what the hype is all about.
7 Avatar Movie
There are millions of movie-going audiences who have enjoyed this one in theatres. The movie is a visual experience and it stays so. If you have a 3D TV, then we recommend you watch it on it again.
  • Wall.E

8 Wall.e Movie

Have your thought that a junk cleaning robot can fall in love with another robot that scans for life, in a post apocalyptic world? How would that be? Watch this adventure romantic animation to know all about it.
  • Interstellar

9 Interstellar Movie
Sci-fi films sell adventures and Interstellar sold a positive dream about Humans from future coming to save humans from past – their ancestors. The movie sells itself as a huge galatic road trip with emotions at the core.
  • Jurassic Park

10 Jurassic Park Movie
Steven Spielberg created another sensation with Jurassic Park. We had chills watching this film, in theaters. Still, no film from Jurassic franchise could be so adventurous and visually appealing, while it gave nightmares.
11 Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Movie
Harry Potter series is not a simple children’s fiction. It has many elements that even elders like to watch.  This is one of the most imaginative and wondrous film from the franchise.
  • Jumanji

12 Jumanji Movie
Getting lost playing a video game is a common scenario but getting lost into a videogame, what about that? Well, if we have a partner like Robin Williams, we don’t mind the adventure.
  • National Treasure

13 National Treasure Movie
Clever at the same time, thrilling. National Treasure films or in this case first film, has a lot to offer and we think, it is irresistible. The mystery keeps getting deeper and deeper while entertaining us to the core.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean films

14 Pirates Of The Caribbean Films
Pirates of Caribbean films offer us wonder and comic elements in a tight narrative that swifts through. Thanks to Jack Sparrow, we don’t have to always side with the brave and honorable people in the adventures. We can side an absolute crackerpot too.
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

15 2001 A Space Odyssey Movie
Space Odyssey is really a classic for ages. Stanley Kubrick made a film about scientific evolution and AI revolution 5 decades ago. We cannot imagine beyond 10 years anytime, but he could think a subject that seems highly relevant today, 50 years ago. He invented a lot of practical effects techniques for the film.
  • The Goonies

16 The Goonies Movie
Kids going on an adventure doesn’t get better than this. It lasted fresh for decades and it seems to have etched a place for itself in history books. While film is not extraordinary in story department, the visuals are highly pleasing.
  • Chronicles of Narnia

17 Chronicles Of Narnia Movie
Chronicles of Narnia series made some technical advancements possible in VFX Department. If we have believable hair and fur animation on animals in films today, thanks to them. An absolut cheesy adventure yet fun film.
  • Blood Diamond

18 Blood Diamond Movie
For serious mind-blogging narrative fans, this movie is a must. The entire premise and adventure sucks you into it so deep that you wouldn’t know when did you start feeling that you are in the journey with the characters but not at your home.
  • Life of Pi

19 Life Of Pi Movie
This is a well-made adventurous film that talks about existential questions and gives us a solid account on survival in the midst of an ocean with unlikely partners. Irrfan Khan’s last lines from the movie seem very true everytime you watch the film.
  • Star Trek

20 Star Trek Movie
Star Wars and Star Trek are the pioneers in talking about human friendship with aliens and galactic level warfare in films. Star Trek made many look at astronomy as an interesting career option to just feel the mad rush these films offer.
  • Lawrence of Arabia

Many place th21 Lawrence Of Arabia Moviee film alltime greats and we couldn’t agree with them more. The movie is an absolute pleasure to watch on screen as it unfolds atrocities of World War I while giving us an experience of enjoying an adventurous ride.
  • Journey to The Center of The Earth

22 Journey To The Center Of The Earth Movie
What if Earth core stops to act as it is acting today? What kind of challenges we humans, will have to face? The movie addresses that and a solution where human race tries to fix the problem by travelling to the center of the earth, literally. Watch it to believe it.
  • Anaconda

23 Anaconda Movie
Most adventure films tend to give us nightmares. Anaconda is one of them.  It took many documentaries and wildlife articles to make public believe that actual anacondas don’t roam around eating humans.
  • Atlantis The Lost Empire

24 Atlantis The Lost Empire Movie
Greek mythology offers good stories to explore. Atlantis is known as one of the greatest empires and advanced civilization used to prosper during its reign. Not historically but mythically. The film explores the idea of humans finding it and it’s treasured underwater.
  • Princess Mononoke

25 Princess Mononoke Movie
This is a Japanese Animation Adventure film that many critics prefers to call an absolute pleasure to watch. The premise is mythical and grand. It keeps you hooked all the while.