Anubhavinchu Raja Movie Review and Rating!

Hero Raj Tharun’s new film, Anubhavinchu Raja under the direction of Srinivas Gavireddy has hit the screens today. Let’s check how it is.

Story: Raju(Raj Tharun), who works as a security guard at a IT firm comes across a techie named Shruti(Kashish Khan). Eventually, friendship bloomes between them. This is the time when an attack will be planned on Raju. Who is the man behind the attack? Is there any backstory behind the attack on Raju? To know that you have to watch the film in cinemas near you.

Performances: Raj Tharun did a decent job in the role which has two different shades. While he evokes good fun in the village-centric scenes, his screen presence as a security guard in the first half makes a few scenes passable.

Heroine Kashish Khan is cute but her chemistry with Raj Tharun is not up to the mark. Adding to it, her character lacks proper impact in the second half proceedings.

Comedian Sudershan Reddy is okay in the hero side-kick role. The girl who played heroine’s friend role is decent in her limited role.

Tamil actor Naren, Ajay and other artists who did key roles in the movie are apt in their roles.

Technicalities: Gopi Sundar’s music is disappointing as none of the songs manage to impress audio wise. Cinematography by Nagesh Banell is good as he captured the village atmosphere and the natural locations neatly with his lens.

Editing by Chota K Prasad is fine. Production values for this limited budget movie are okay.

Analysis: Srinivas Gavireddy directs Anubhavinchu Raja. Srinivas’ idea of making a colorful drama in the village backdrop is good but his narration lacks freshness in it.

Though the interval twist followed by a few key scenes in the village atmosphere are executed nicely, the proceedings during the second half turn predictable with routine template scenes. Adding to it, the village scenes related to the presidential election are canned on a dull note and tests the audience patience with ages old narration.

To summerize, Anubhavinchu Raja has a few decent fun moments in both the halves. But on the flip side, lack of freshness in the proceedings and predictable scenes in this village drama stand tall as the demerits.

Verdict: Lacks freshness!

Rating: 2.5/5 

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