10 Best Movies of Akkineni Nagarjuna

Akkineni Nagarjuna has many names in his career. He is the heartthrob, romantic hero, Manmadhudu, and now King. He has been successfully carrying the Akkineni legacy on his shoulders. Many talk about Nagarjuna’s looks but Nag is a superb performer too. Nagarjuna has debuted in the movie Vikram in the year 1986. Over, all these years, Nagarjuna has acted in many memorable films. In the evergreen list of his movies, we tried to pick some of the best movies. Let us have a look at them.

Best Movies of Nagarjuna

  • Manam

01 Manam

Manam is one of the evergreen films in the career of the Akkineni family. Not only that three generations of the Akkineni family acted in the movie, Not only that it is the last movie of the legendary Akkineni Nageswara Rao, the fact that Manam is a beautifully conceived story. A very complex story said in a very simple manner. Vikram Kumar has designed a beautiful love story spread over the years. He has set up a very heart touching love story. Manam is a romantic entertainer that can be watched many many times. Nagarjuna’s performance in the movie is top-notch. Actually the word top-notch will not do them complete justice. The scene where Nagarjuna sees Samantha and realizes that she is her mother cannot be described in words.


  • Ninne Pelladatha

02 Ninne Pelladatha

Romantic entertainers suit Akkineni Nagarjuna so well. He has teamed up with Krishna Vamsi for the movie Ninne Pelladatha and the result is just outstanding. It is a movie that runs high on entertainment. The chemistry between Nagarjuna and Tabu is excellent as always. There are many comedy scenes in the film that are evergreen. Well, the comedy in this movie is not over the top, it goes with the flow and stays forever in our hearts.


  • Geethanjali

03 Geethanjali

Akkineni Nagarjuna played to his strengths for the most part of his career. He picked up beautiful romantic entertainers. Geethanjali is one such film that is evergreen and attained cult classic status over the years. The legendary filmmaker Mani Ratnam who is known for the true subject has directed this romantic drama. One cannot simply conceive an idea of a love story where both hero and heroine suffer from deadly disease and are counting their last-minute unless he believes in his story so much. Nagarjuna’s emotional performance in the film is quite attractive.


  • Annamayya

04 Annamayya

When the movie Annamayya is announced, many thought that it was a joke. There are two reasons for that. Nagarjuna who is known for love stories is playing the lead role and the second, K Raghavendra Rao is a pakka commercial director is going to direct a devotional film. Though major sections of the audiences didn’t have huge expectations on the movie due to the director-actor duo they have done a superb job with their utmost commitment and the result is phenomenal. Nagarjuna has proved that he can perform to perfection whatever the role is.


  • Hello Brother

05 Hello Brother

Nagarjuna’s comedy timing has a separate fan base. In Hello Brother, Nagarjuna has excelled with his comedy timing. His mass comedy in this movie made it a blockbuster. EVV Satyanarayana along with the writer LB Sriram has made sure that Hello Brother will tickle your funny bones for most of the occasion. One of the best films in Nagarjuna’s career where every section of the audience can enjoy it to the fullest.


  • Manmadhudu


While Hello Brother is a mass comedy, Manmadhudu belongs to the other section. It is a pure comedy and romantic entertainer. Trivikram Srinivas is the writer of the film and he stood as the backbone of the film. Director Vijay Bhaskar has made sure that he has done a decent job and take the movie to another level. Nagarjuna fits the bill and does complete justice. His comic timing is top-notch. He has owned the title Manmadhudu such that no other hero can match the charisma of Nag.


  • Shiva


There will be one movie in every hero’s career that turns the tables completely and for Nagarjuna, Shiva is such a film. It has created a sensation at the time of release, a cult status later on. Shiva has broken all the barriers that were existent at the time. Ram Gopal Varma has created a rage and brought worship status to the director. Nagarjuna is subtle in the film and he has done a neat job. More importantly, he believed in Ram Gopal Varma’s vision and backed it.


  • Oopiri

08 Oopiri

Nagarjuna is always game for experiments and Oopiri is another testament to it. When a director approaches a hero with the storyline that he will be chair-ridden all the time, many will immediately back off and say no instantly. But Nagarjuna is unlike others and think out of the box. In Oopiri, Nagarjuna has done a splendid job as a person who suffers from disabilities. A hero with absolutely no ego has even allowed Karthi’s character to take the front seat. There are a couple of scenes in the movie that prove Nag’s mettle as a complete performer.


  • Santosham

09 Santosham

Santosham is one of the best movies in Nagarjuna’s career. He is too good in the emotional sequences of the movie. Particularly in the first half, Nagarjuna excelled in the role. Dasarath is the director of the movie. Gracy Singh and Shriya Saran are the female leads. Though the climax is a little cliche, it worked big time. The music, artists’ performance, direction, production values, almost every department has worked excellently in the film. There is no doubt that Santosham will be in the best movies list of Akkineni Nagarjuna.


  • Janaki Ramudu

10 Janaki Ramudu

Very early in his career, Nagarjuna is lucky to have a film like Janaki Ramudu. He worked with K. Raghavendra Rao for this movie, which is too good. Janaki Ramudu is an eternal love story that deals with reincarnation. Both Nagarjuna and Vijaya Santhi had done a splendid job.


Well, here goes the list. We can add some more to this list but we have to stop at some point, no? If you feel any other movies to be on the list, then comment us and tell your opinion on why it is so?

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