9 Best Movies of Prabhas

Rebel Star Krishnam Raju’s brother son Prabhas has made his debut with the movie Eeshwar. He was fondly called as Young Rebel Star and he rightly reserved the tagline for him. Though he has the background, Prabhas has worked really hard to cement his place in the industry.

From movie to movie, he slowly built his image and now he is the most celebrated artist in Indian Cinema. Prabhas is no longer a Telugu hero, he has attained the Pan Indian image. On the part with Bollywood heroes, Prabhas has been enjoying name and fame. All his upcoming movies are Pan Indian ones and his range is only going upwards.

List of Prabhas’s Best Telugu Movies

  • Varsham

01 Varsham

Varsham is Prabhas’s first success. Though he made his debut with Eeshwar and his second movie Raghavendra is not successful either. He is under pressure to score a success and Varsham has delivered the goods beautifully. Varsham is a sensational success. Directed by Sobhan, it is one of the complete performances from Prabhas. His chemistry with Trisha is just lit. Gopichand’s villainism in the movie has brought a new dimension to the movie. Prabhas is lucky that such a huge commercial success came very early in his career that set up the right platform for the star.


  • Chakram

02 Chakram

Not every best movie of a hero needs to be commercially successful. Chakram will definitely be in the top 5 of Prabhas’s career at any stage. Though the movie didn’t do well, it has been a very meaningful movie in Prabhas’s career. The concept of Chakram is beautiful and Krishna Vamsi has beautifully conceived it. Prabhas has given an outstanding performance. It is not easy to perform in a character like Chakram where it has many layers plus the character ends on a sad note and it takes guts for a hero to do that kind of role. Irrespective of the image, Prabhas has done the movie and one should appreciate that. His performance towards the climax is heart touching.


  • Chatrapathi

03 Chatrapathi

Prabhas and Rajamouli have teamed up for the movie Chatrapathi and the result is a blockbuster. Chatrapathi is an emotional tale of mother sentiment blended beautifully with serious action drama. Rajamouli has made sure that Prabhas’s character will take a back seat all the while and release suddenly towards the interval. The interval block of 30 minutes or so is pure goosebumps stuff with MM Keeravani, the music director of the movie has taken proceedings into his hand. The BGM is just lit. Chatrapathi is a film that will satisfy all sections of the audience.


  • Bujjigadu

04 Bujjigadu

Director Puri Jagannath is known for his unique characterizations. He has the knack of presenting his heroes in a new dimension altogether. Though Bujjigadu is a flop, it helped Prabhas to find a new dimension in him. Bujjigadu is a complete makeover for Prabhas. This movie is a crucial one in Prabhas’s career. His dialogue modulation is just perfect. Bujjigadu has opened up Prabhas’s comedy angle.


  • Billa

05 Billa

The most stylish movie in Prabhas’s career. Billa is the remake of Don and Prabhas is just perfect as a don. In Billa, Prabhas has two dimensions, one of the stylish don and another one as a rural guy. Prabhas fits the bill in both the characters. Meher Ramesh is the director of the movie and Billa is Anushka’s most glamorous movie. Though Billa is not a big commercial success, it is important in Prabhas’s career.


  • Darling

06 Darling

Prabhas usually calls his dear ones Darling. The movie Darling is surely a darling for Prabhas and his fans. Directed by Karunakaran, the film is a huge success. Be it songs, Prabhas’s performance, Kajal’s glamour, entertainment… Darling will tick all the boxes mentioned. Prabhas’s costumes in the movie need special mention. His styling is too good. Prabhas has excelled in his dialogue modulation as well. Karunakaran has made sure the entertainment is intact throughout the movie. Darling will be one of the best films of Prabhas in his whole career.


  • Mr. Perfect

07 Mr. Perfect

Prabhas has the rare quality to fit in both massy and classy roles alike. Mr. Perfect is too classy and Prabhas has done a beautiful job. The movie is directed by Dasaradh. The film had a very simple message and it has been delivered in a very entertaining way. Mr. Perfect is one of the best movies of Prabhas for its content and performance. Kajal has been outstanding in this movie as well. She has got a very meaningful role. Mr. Perfect discusses the message of sharing with others and the happiness lies in it.


  • Mirchi

08 Mirchi

One of the films of Prabhas where he has been very glamorous. He has thrown a stylish statement with this movie. His formal apparels in the movie need special mention and Prabhas is too glamorous in the movie. It is Koratala Siva’s debut movie. Prabhas dialogue modulation and the action sequences he has done are too good. His chemistry with Anushka and Richa needs special mention though. The dialogue Premiste Poyedemundi Maha Ayite Tirigi Premistaru is everlasting.


  • Baahubali 1 and 2

09 Baahubali 1 And 2

Prabhas’ image has reached epitome with the movie Baahubali 1 and 2. For these two films, Prabhas has given almost 5 years of his career which is not a simple thing to do. An actor sacrificing five years of his career when it is at the peaks needs guts and Prabhas has done that nonchalantly. While in the making of Baahubali, every other artist has done other films except for Prabhas. That shows his dedication. His performance in the roles of Amarendra Baahubali and Mahendra Baahubali is just outstanding. Definitely, Baahubali is a very special film in his career.



Well, though Prabhas’s last movie Saaho hasn’t done well in the Telugu states it has been received well in the northern circuits. Prabhas has lined up exciting Pan Indian projects. After Radhe Shyam, he is going to work for Nag Ashwin’s science fiction thriller and Om Raut’s Adi Purush. With these three films, Prabhas’ image will know no bounds. That is for sure.

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