Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi

Major life issues start when you try to weigh the importance of people in your life. That could be friend, lover or a relative. We need them to be present in our life and it is not important always express it or let our head weigh their importance. Vunnadi Okate Zindagi tries to explain us this once again with a debate on friendship and love. Let’s see how routine or fresh this nostalgic ride is ..

Plot : Abhiram (Ram) detaches himself from all emotional connections like love, friendship and lives in a far away country as a stranger. One day, a dear friend (Anisha Ambrose) proses her love to him and he falls back into the memories of his once highly emotionally connected lifestyle with a friend, Vasu (Sri Vishnu). They both bond at an young age over a tragedy. As they both connected so much in their lives, they can’t really think a life without another person. Then what happened between them that set them apart? What role does Maha (Anupama Parameshwaran) and Maggie (Lavanya Tripathi) had to play in all this? Watch the movie to know more …

Performances : Ram needs to change his body language and dialogue delivery too along with his look for his movies. He has been doing the same from his Ready days and he needs a change. There should be a difference between behaving like you on screen and like a character. But when you have to judge what he did with his abilities in mind, then he pulled out a good performance.

Sri Vishnu is more wooden than ever. Someone should ask him to work on his expressions as well. In most of the silences, his communication through expressions is completely missing. We can deliver a line but if he can add expression that will enhance the emotion and connectivity as well..

Lavanya Tripathi walked through the role and kudos to her for bringing a believability to her character. Anupama Parameshwaran did have long lines to deliver and she did a good job at that. But Make-up syndrome pulls them down from being likeable to tolerable on screen.

Priyadarshi and Himaja cracks us up very well. Rest of the cast is highly casual and usual in their limited roles.

Technicalities : Sameer Reddy, rather than going for natural lighting tries to create a surreal atmosphere to make the movie look more glossy and heavy. He needed to fall back on more real setting than keeping it too unbelievable. His work is good if you take visuals as nice photographs. But there are many places where he fails to enhance the feel of the scene.

Devi Sri Prasad, scores music that suits the tone of the movie but they don’t have enough strength to be popular as they come at highly routine situations. When you already are in a situation that is highly common, you expect a peppy number that washes out the fatigue and fill in some more energy into the proceedings or at least make you fall in love with it. The film lacks in that department high time.

A. Sreekar Prasad tries to stick to the script and tries to let the scene lag beyond tolerable levels in the name of feels. He needed to trim down lots and lots off scenes as they don’t add any emotional authenticity to the film.

Writer-director, Tirumala Kishore needs to come out of 10 films in one format. He is good in dialogues but that doesn’t mean that every charactee needs to speak at a length to make their point. His one-liners work but he needs to understand on trimming down the paragraphs to simple lines. Not that Trivikram Srinivas or Paruchuri Brothers are the only good or aspirations writers but it is advisable for a young film to be more crisp and tight. He lacks in freshness and that harms the film by making it tolerable than a wonderful nostalgic dive into our past.

Analysis : The best thing that you can do to tell your emotion is expressive action. In a visual medium it is important to show the things more than just say them out. Had Tirumala Kishore followed that rule, this movie could have had moments that we did not see before but he tries to be more safe than imaginative. On the whole, this friendship tale comes to life when it doesn’t try much.

Rating: 2.5/5

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