Where are theatres to accommodate everyone?

Dil Raju is one of the biggest producers and distributors in Telugu Film Industry. He is also dragged into the controversy by Petta Producers calling him one of the leads in Theater Mafia. He reacted to those comments at F2 pre-release event.

He said, “People have to use their words wisely and also should concentrate on how to grow inclusively than just pointing fingers on others, trying to show themselves as the victims all the time.

They are not the only passionate people here. We are regular players in the business and we lose crores on a film. Last year we lost major amounts on many films, still we decided to not stop and produce big films.

All the producers have sat down 6 months ago to plan out the release of 3 biggies from Telugu. Now, if someone enters into the game one month ago and ask us for theatres from where should we bring them. They should have waited till 18th, as they said only their film will be a hit. Where are theatres to accommodate? Please tell me!”