Sukumar’s touching compliment to Nag Ashwin

Nag Ashwin as become the director of the season, as he was able to give a great tribute to the memory of Savitri, legendary actress, with Mahanati. The movie became a huge discussion topic and social media is still talking about how the director and actors pulled off such iconic persons characters so convincingly. Also, the directorial brilliance of Nag Ashwin is being talked about too. Mainly, the way he made Samantha Akkineni tell Savitri what she will be future generations, is getting such even better response.

Now, Sukumar, the director of the season until, Nag Ashwin topped him with herculean effort, complimented Ashwin in the most unique way possible. Sukumar wrote a letter to him and in tat he said, “I was trying to call you Nag Ashwin after watching the movie. I was unable to connect to your number. An old lady came close to me and asked, “If I was the director?” I thought she is asking if I’m a director and said, Yes. She immediately thanked me for showing her Savitri very beautifully on screen. I couldn’t hold my tears. I enjoyed for a moment being you, she mistook me for you but gave me ultimate pleasure of being you, Mahanati director for few minutes. This is how much I loved the film. I can’t say much more than this. I hope she never finds, I am not you!”

Well, Sukumar without showing any ego, appreciating Nag Ashwin so much and even narrating the incident in such heartfelt manner made us salute to his genuinity. The movie is receiving so much praise that many wants to know who is Nag Ashwin and what he did until Mahanati. As a director, you just need that one big and better film to make you famous all over. Naga Chaitanya’s cameo as ANR is also gaining a lot of attention as makers did not reveal it until the release. Now, Nagarjuna revealed the look of Naga Chaitanya as ANR on social media.sukumar-about-mahanati-movie